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How to: Spend a day in Nakano - otaku paradise!

Following my article on how to experience Shibuya in just one day, I want to share my recommendations for another Tokyo neighborhood: Nakano. Nakano is located a few minutes west of Shinjuku and is easily accessed by train (only one stop away from Shinjuku on the Chuo Rapid train). The Nakano are...Read more >

Heaven for Museum Lovers in Ueno

If you'd like to inject your international travel with some culture, history, or art, then museums are a great way to check out the best of what a country has to offer. If you'll be headed to Tokyo, you would be remiss to bypass Ueno, which is a hub for all kinds of museums in the big city. Here ...Read more >

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Matcha Mania: A quick guide to Tokyo's Best Teahouses

Are you a Matcha Man (or woman)?Do you find regular coffee matcha do about nothing?Intrigued by green tea but don’t know matcha ‘bout it?All puns aside, I love matcha.  I drink it everyday, and not for the new age medicinal reasons (even though it is good for you), I just enjoy the flavor.  As a ...Read more >

Monkeying Around: 3 spots for Monkey Magic across Japan

You might come to Japan and want to visit zoos or other animal attractions like aquariums, but there are many different ways to interact with animals outside those parameters. Japanese macaques are found in the wild in many spots across the country, and they're a big part of Japanese culture - fe...Read more >

The most photogenic smoothies in Japan

Being a generation of Instagrammers and social media addicts, it’s only natural that we are attracted to photogenic foods and drinks. Japan has mastered the art of visually appealing food - just look at all the theme cafes and the ingenious menus they come up with! However, you don’t have to stic...Read more >
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