Where to shop in Ikebukuro Part 2 - Sunshine City

Hi everyone! It's Kim Dao here with another shopping article! This is the continuation from the last blog post on where to shop in Ikebukuro! You can read the last blog post here.Because there is just so much to do in Ikebukuro, I decided to split the blog posts up. In today's post I'm going to s...Read more >

5 Tips and Tricks when visiting Enoshima Island

Welcome!If you have stumbled across this article, chances are you are looking for the perfect day-trip or adventure away from the bustling city of Tokyo. Enoshima Island also associated with Kamakura is an island that boasts a full day and night packed with beautiful sceneries, experiences and a ...Read more >

Shirakawago Village: A Real Life Horror Anime

This is the creepiest yet most beautiful place I've ever visited..."Horror" in anime is a topic that is not often discussed by many fanatics of the medium, but it's a genre of anime that is my absolute personal favorite. I've discussed its complexity in numerous videos on my YouTube channel and ...Read more >

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Where to stay in Tokyo for under 5,000 Yen a night

Staying in Tokyo can be quite expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! When you’re on vacation the last thing you want to be spending money on is the location of your bed. You’re not in it 24/7 and you shouldn’t have to pay a pretty penny for it either. So here are a few places within Tokyo where yo...Read more >

Minato Mirai 21, the "Harbour of the future"

Minato Mirai 21 is a seaside urban area located in central Yokohama, whose name literally translates to the "Harbour of the future". It is well known for its beautiful landscaping, and is also home to the "Landmark Tower", which was the tallest building in Japan up till 2014.The "Landmark Tower",...Read more >

Kansai's Hidden Treasures: Kyoto's Ohara

For a feel of rural life in Japan without going too far from a big city, look no further than Ohara, a small town nestled in the mountains to the north of Kyoto. Just an hour away by bus from Kyoto Station, Ohara seems like another world, full of traditional houses, rice fields, and beautiful tem...Read more >
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