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Second Time in Japan

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Why you should visit Japan during autumn!

Japan is one of the most interesting countries to visit that I know of, here the old buildings and traditions are blended with modern skyscrapers and high-tech. If you get the opportunity to go then by all means take it! As a Japanophile and avid traveler (now resident) of the country I always re...Read more >

Half Day Adventures from Narita Airport

   So you've planned your adventure, booked your flights, perhaps even packed your bags. Too bad though, you've got a long layover. But it is in Japan right, that's exciting. Oh, it's at Narita? The Tokyo airport that's like, really far from Tokyo? Well guess what, good news, the airport shops a...Read more >

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The Wonderful and Weird World of Japanese Museums

IntroductionIf you're like me the word "museum" is simply another term for "bored out of your mind" and "sore feet". Most museums I've visited in the states have been nothing more than old objects collecting dust in glass containers, and after leaving I feel stupid for spending 20$ for something ...Read more >
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