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Tokyo's Best Foodie Boroughs

Tokyo is one of the best cities in the world for foodies.  You'll see more than a few Michelin Stars in Japan's capital city, and you might be surprised at just how broad the options are in terms of cuisine.  Besides the hometown favorites (including regional specialties from all 47 of Japan's pr...Read more >

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Festive Winter Goods For This Holiday Season

Introduction The holiday season wouldn't be complete without mall Santa's, Christmas trees and New Years streamers. While Japan celebrates  both New Years and Christmas they have their own gifts and customs that make them special. Like western countries, Japanese stores start selling festive item...Read more >

5 iconic sights in Japan's winter months

Winters in Japan are anything but dreary and dull - there are still so many incredible things to do and see, some of which are even enhanced by the winter months (or only around at that time of year). Here are five different iconic views of Japan's winter, which may end up being places you'd like...Read more >
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