The God of Japanese Beer

Snapseed.jpg 1.63 MBAlong your journeys through Japan, you will invariably encounter Yebisu Beer, one of the most popular beers in the country along with Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo.  If you enjoy beer, it is worth giving each a try, since they all have their own distinct flavor and quality to the...Read more >

What to Bring Back: Souvenirs!

Deciding what to bring back home once your trip has come to an end (whether for loved ones or yourself) can be tricky: getting a bit of everything is tempting, but then you might not be able to fit everything into your luggage! Here are some of my suggestions that I think work for most people, ar...Read more >

What to Bring Before Traveling to Japan

When traveling to Japan your first thoughts are obviously what to bring. You might wonder how Japanese products might differ from American products, and if you can spare not bringing some things if you can buy it at a Japanese connivence store. I personally have never been to Japan but I've done ...Read more >

Cheap In Japan Part 2 - 90s Era Technology

Source :'s Era Technology Most of my fascination with Japan stems from the Bubble Economy Era. Japan's surge of wealthy and the carefree attitude that surrounde...Read more >

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