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A guide to Takeshita street, Harajuku

At the forefront of trendy teen fashion, Harajuku really stands out. Located right in the heart of Tokyo, this is where teenagers come to hang out. Although Harajuku refers to an entire neighbourhood, when people talk about it, they are mostly referring to Takeshita Street and its surrounding all...Read more >

Ekiben: Train Bentos & My Top 5 To Try List!

Ekiben are a quintessential part of long-distance train travel in Japan. Virtually every (if not every) train station that services a long-distance train (such as shinkansen bullet trains, but also other reserved seat trains like limited express trains) will have at least one shop selling bentos ...Read more >

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Love is all you need: Romantic Date Spots across Tokyo!

When you think of the city of love, you might immediately think of Paris - but Tokyo also has a number of great spots to check out if you have romance in mind. Whether you're here with your significant other for a fun urban getaway, an anniversary trip, or a proposal (ooooh!) there are plenty of ...Read more >

The Wonderful and Weird World of Japanese Museums

IntroductionIf you're like me the word "museum" is simply another term for "bored out of your mind" and "sore feet". Most museums I've visited in the states have been nothing more than old objects collecting dust in glass containers, and after leaving I feel stupid for spending 20$ for something ...Read more >
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