Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan

5 food filled reasons to visit Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station. You're probably going to stop there for some reason if you're headed to Tokyo, since so many shinkansen lines leave from there - plus there's all the local lines too. But going to a train station solely for the food? You might think I've lost my mind, but it's actually a very worth...Read more >

Top 10 Must Visit Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka is the second largest metropolitan area in Japan and this city has been known as the ‘The Kitchen of The Nation’. According to the latest population survey, Osaka has reached 2.7 million in July, 2017. Obviously, Osaka has developed as a commercial town from ancient times. Nowadays, Osaka i...Read more >

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Top 10 Japanese Phrases You Can Use At Restaurants

Language is important when you travel around the world. In Japan, the most widely spoken language is Japanese. Some of them do not know to speak English in daily life unless you are doing business with foreigners. As a traveler, this is a challenge to use Japanese when you visit to Japan. Of cour...Read more >

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Roppongi

Start of the new year seen Square Enix's long running series 'Final Fantasy' reach it's 30th Anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to have an exhibition looking back over the series' often emotional storytelling. The exhibition called 'Memories of You' is on from the 22nd January 2018...Read more >

Time Travel: A visit to the village of pioneers

Traveling back in time is possible when you visit Historical Village of Hokkaido (北海道開拓の村 Hokkaidō Kaitaku no Mura) located in Sapporo. This open-air museum takes you back to  Meiji, Taisho and early Showa eras where you can discover 100 years of  industry, lifestyle, and culture of Hokkaido. As ...Read more >
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