Whirlwind guide to Japan's top theme parks

Theme parks are such fantastic ways to have fun. With themed shows, thrill rides, fireworks and your favourite characters, they are a true modern marvel. Japan happens to be the home of some of the world's best amusement parks, all of which are definitely worth checking out. Here are some tips an...Read more >

How to Purikura Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide

 Since moving to Japan, the number of people I’ve seen walking around with selfie sticks has significantly decreased. Heavily taking photos with your camera or phone (especially out in public) didn’t really seem like a thing either. I was surprised to see a certain lack of the “image heavy cultur...Read more >

Honey Toast - a treat for the tastebuds!

Japan is known for being a paradise for foodies. From the savory to the sweet, there's no shortage of delicious things to try that will leave your tastebuds very happy. One thing that I noticed a lot when first coming to Japan were places advertising these enormous desserts that looked like half ...Read more >

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5 of the best vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo

When traveling to a new country, it can often be overwhelming if you are a vegetarian or vegan - especially if the national cuisine seems particularly meat heavy. Scoping out places to eat is something that often needs to be done in advance, and thankfully Japan is coming to the table more and mo...Read more >

A Fun Time with the Osaka Amazing Pass

Osaka is one of the most popular places in Japan to be visited by foreign tourists next to Tokyo and Kyoto. There are many things to see and to do – and there is an amazing way to save money while your sightseeing tour in Osaka: let’s us the OSAKA AMAZING PASS! What is the Osaka Amazing Pass? The...Read more >

Yokohama for a Day

A visit in Yokohama for a day may not be bad for a first time traveller in Japan. There are lots of attractions to explore when you get there. What amazed me is that it's a city near Tokyo which is by far one of the best places to visit away from its crowded, busy streets.  We went to Yokohama la...Read more >
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