About Odigold points

Odigold points are our way of rewarding you for your contributions to the Odigo community. Be inspired by fellow travelers, then share your own Japan experiences to help others, all while earning Odigold points.

The system is simple: 1 Odigold point = 1 JPY. Collect 5,000 points or more and redeem it for a variety of gift cards, including Amazon Japan e-Gift Cards.

Earn points by doing any of the following:

CategoryActionOdigold Points
Check inDaily check-in1
Daily check-in (7-day streak)100
Daily check-in (14-day streak)200
ProfileConfirm email address100
Complete profile (including name, avatar and header image)100
InviteInvite friend (who registers and completes profile)300 (up to 10 friends)
FollowFollow first 10 Odigoers100
ArticleFirst article (min 300 words + 1 picture)100
Write any article that is promoted to the main Articles page500
Each article view (up to 3 months from publish date, calculated daily)2
TripFirst trip created on Odigo’s Trip Planner50