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Inspire others with your Japan experiences and earn Amazon e-Gift cards

Everyone who travels to Japan experiences the country through their own unique perspective – some put on their foodie glasses and slurp their way through the city. Others put on their culture glasses and zoom in on the shrines and museums.

Together, we can help each other make our visit to Japan the absolute best it can be - wonderful, magical, memorable –whether it’s our first time or fifth. There are many ways to contribute your knowledge to the community and be rewarded:

What are Odigold points?

Odigold points are our way of rewarding you for your contributions to the Odigo community. Be inspired by fellow travelers, then share your own Japan experiences to help others, all while earning Odigold points.

The system is simple: 1 Odigold point = 1 JPY. Collect 5,000 points or more and redeem it for a variety of gift cards, including Amazon Japan e-Gift Cards.

How do I get Odigold Points?

Write an article, leave a spot tip or suggest an edit – get rewarded for all these actions on the website and more.

Here are a few to get you started:

Write an article
Write an article - 500 Odigold points

Write an article to share your Japan travel tips and experiences with your fellow Odigoers – 300 words or more with at least one picture – and get 500 Odigold points. If it’s your first article, you’ll get another 100 bonus points!

Article view
Each article view - 2 Odigold points

You’ll start earning points the moment you hit “Publish”. 1 article view = 2 Odigold points, so the more you share, the more views you’ll get and the more points you’ll earn. The sky’s the limit!

Contribute a tip - 20 Odigold points

Know something about a spot that others don’t? Contribute a tip! Other Odigoers will appreciate it. Include a picture with your tip to make it even more helpful.

Invite friends
Invite friends - 300 Odigold points each

Everything's more fun with friends around. Invite your friends to join you on Odigo, and for every one who registers and completes their profile you’ll earn 300 Odigold points.

Follow 10
Follow your first 10 Odigoers - 100 Odigold points

Love Japanese food? Follow an Odigoer who is a local food expert. Love otaku culture? Follow an Akihabara expert and get all the latest news and tips. You’ll be on top of all your favorite topics and be 100 points richer.

30 days login
Daily check-in (30 days) - 2,000 Odigold points

You’ll want to check in daily to see what’s new and how your contributions are doing anyway – do it for 30 consecutive days and you’ll get an easy 2,000 points!

Are you ready to start?

Here’s a tip: Complete your profile now and get your first 100 Odigold points!