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1|imageslimJessica KozukaLV.2 142 2
Wood Crafts and Cherry BarkJapan's sakura cherry trees give us so much. In the spring, we enjoy beautiful blossoms during the hanami season. In summer, we eat buckets of light yellow and red sakuranbo, sweeter and less tart than dark cherries. And of course, we use sakura wood in everything from ...more...
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Yuzawa in Akita Prefecture is famous for a type of lacquerware, recognized by the Japanese government as a Traditional Craft Product. This local craft is called Kawatsura lacquer and is most commonly applied to daily items like dishes, trays and furniture. Despite being destined for use rather th...more...
1|imageslimAngeline ElopreLV.11 179 7
"NOT SO SOLO TRAVEL" IN AKITAI am not experienced at solo travel. Some facts about me: 1) My Japanese conversational skills are more or less limited to that of a five-year-old. 2) I am absolutely horrible with directions, even with the help of Google Maps. 3) Prior to this trip, I had never been ...more...
1|imageslimJessica KozukaLV.2 163 2
Looking to add somewhere a little off-the-beaten-path to your Japanese adventure?  Akita Prefecture in northwestern Tohoku has lots to offer, from samurai villages to super posh chickens and even—so they say—the most beautiful women in Japan. S'up, samurai-san? Kakunodate Samurai Residences an...more...