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1|imageslimKim BLV.84 8 1
Tokyo is blessed with a plethora of tasty eating options - not just for your main meals, but for incredible desserts too. If you're an ice cream lover and you'll be in the area, a great little spot to check out is Laitier, in the suburb of Sendagaya. The goal at Laitier is to create soft serve i...more...
1|imageslimOscar BoydLV.22 3 2
The traditional trip up Mt. Fuji takes place in the summer climbing season, a tourist-filled eight-week season that lasts between July and September each year. But for the more adventurous, Fuji can also be climbed in winter, a fantastic journey of snow and ice that is a truly unique climbing exp...more...
1|imageslimPhil NolanLV.16 30 2
     When visiting Japan your first thought might be to check hotel prices. My suggestion is to look at Airbnb first. Airbnb is usually cheaper and you enhance your Japan experience by living the way the Japanese do, in a real Japanese apartment. Now you may not have a fancy concierge or indoor ...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 7 2
Hello Kitty is something of a cultural icon here in Japan. Created by the designer Yuko Shimizu back in 1974, the first product that Kitty featured on was a coin purse a year later in 1975 - and since then has appeared on an incredible number of products. Here are some of the best Hello Kitty ite...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 67 7
When you're planning to travel to a new spot, everyone usually gives you tips on how to make your vacation great - but no one really gives you the heads up on ways that you could potentially ruin your trip. Some crucial things can either make or break your time in Japan, so without further ado he...more...
1|imageslimOscar BoydLV.22 1 1
Despite Japan being a rather mountainous county, its cities are relatively flat, meaning they are well suited to that most universal of exercises: running. Fukuoka, down on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, is no exception to that rule. As a new visitor to the city, or even as a wizened resident...more...
1|imageslimMieke PetersLV.51 55 3
When someone asks the crowd which season would be the best time to visit Japan, most of the people will probably say the season of Spring, because of the cherry blossoms. It is true the cherry blossoms are a unique sight to Japan and you will be amazed by the beauty of the cotton candy colored tr...more...
1|imageslimSteven ChuaLV.46 11 1
As the sweltering heat of August comes to an end, the last few rounds of Japanese festivals as well as fireworks too reach their climax. September comes around and Japan cools off with air as crisp as the autumn leaves as it slowly turns from a luscious green into a fiery red. Summer is gradually...more...
1|imageslimJ TLV.9 12 1
I have to admit that I have a bit of a totoro obsession.  Not to mention a dessert obsession and a compulsion to buy/eat anything that looks adorable.So, when i came across a photo of these adorable totoro cream puffs from Tokyo, I knew that eating them  was going to be an item on my Japan travel...more...
1|imageslimAsha🍙 MehtaLV.58 11 2
Japan's Sakura trees may make Spring the most popular travelling period in Japan, but the gorgeous maple and Gingko leaves of October and November leave Autumn not very far behind. Some even claim the warm hues of Autumn to be more beautiful than Spring- and after experiencing it for the first ti...more...