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The Weirdest Limited Edition Cup Noodle (that you have to try!)

My wife came home excited the other day.  As is often the case, it was because she had discovered something new and unusual here in Japan.  This time, however, she had brought that new and unusual thing home and set it in front of me..."Check it out!  Squid Ink Cup Noodle!  I got it for you to try!"

Squid Ink Cup Noodle???

Look, I can be a pretty adventurous eater when I need to be, but generally speaking, I leave the adventure out of my instant foods--plain noodles are just fine for me.  And I've seen some unique Cup Noodle flavors in the past, but never one that would have me voluntarily adding a seafood by-product to my broth.

Still, I'm also never one to back down from trying something new, and as many years as I've been in Japan, I've never tried squid ink anything so I figured, why not give it a shot?

I wasn't sure what to expect when opening the package.  I guess part of me was waiting to be weirded out by whatever was waiting for me on the other side.  Maybe like some freeze dried kraken trying to escape the packet with the noodles.  Who knows?

Pretty standard, actually.  There was some egg and onion, and instead of fish cakes, it was squid cakes.  Fair enough...

So I put in the water and waited my requisite 3 minutes.  [By the way, is it just me, or do those 3 minutes always feel like an eternity?]

After the time was up, I needed to add the squid ink. (By the way, that stuff is kind of hard to wash out, as I learned the hard way, so just be careful not to spill!)

Once it was in, it was a matter of mixing it around to make sure it was adequately spread throughout the broth. 

At that point, it was ready  to eat.  The moment of truth had come...

Actually, it was pretty tasty.  The squid ink is relatively flavorless, surprisingly.  It was more like adding some salt and seasoning to the broth when I was expecting something more sauce-like in texture and depth of flavor.  All told, it was certainly good enough to eat again and definitely something worth recommending to you readers out there!

I will say one thing about this though, the squid ink has a somewhat unique aroma--nothing too pungent, but for some reason my dog was all about it. 

But I digress...

Was the "Big Black Seafood Cup Noodle" the weirdest Cup Noodle Flavor I've ever tried?  Yes.  

Was it as tasty as any other Cup Noodle product?  Sure.

Should you give it a shot when you're here in Japan?  Absolutely!

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Your dog is all about it ~~~~Hahaha

Where did she get this? I need to hunt for it while I'm still here.

That particular Cup Noodle was purchased at Lawson's, but it should be available at most convenience stores!