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5 Women's Fashion Trends in Japan Worth Adopting

My husband Mike wrote an article a little while back about 5 Men's fashion trends in Japan worth adopting. Whilst in part it was an ode to 3/4 shorts (which he loves), it raised a lot of good points about how Japan in general is pretty ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. It made me think about some of the women's fashions I see, that are a bit different to what I'd see back home - so without further ado, here's my take on five women's fashion trends here in Japan that are worth adopting - and that you might want to embrace when you're on vacation here!

Comfy, wide leg pants

Japan summers are hot and humid - as you probably know if you've been here before (or possibly here in Japan right now). As a result, you want clothing items that don't cling or stick to you. Wide leg pants like this have been popular for a while, and manage to look both fashionable and comfortable.

Sneakers with dresses

How many times have you worn a dress with ridiculously high heels, only to feel as if your feet were on fire half way through the day or night? Never fear - sneakers and dresses aren't just a thing here, the people I've seen wearing them seem to make them look completely adorable and fashionable. Can we take a moment to appreciate just how cute that strawberry dress is with the sparkly bunny sneakers?

The traditional merged with the modern

This might be my favorite of the Japanese fashion trends that I have seen. Blending the traditional and the modern to me really gives a fresh take on things, and a new appreciation for the many aspects of Japanese fashion culture. Adding a modern set of boots or a cute beret and pigtails really brings new meaning to blending the old and the new!
via www.instagram.com

Ruffles and Lace

Maybe not always to this extent - but a lot of clothes here for women have beautiful lace and ruffles adorning them, to give it that feminine touch. I think they look really pretty!
via www.instagram.com

The confidence to just own it - whatever your own personal style is!

One of the biggest things I've noticed as a trend here is that people have so much confidence in their own personal style. Whether it's rocking a wardrobe full of neutrals, or going all out with bright colors, unique accessories and different makeup styles, people here aren't afraid to just be themselves - and more power to them!

You might encounter some of these fashions during your journeys in Japan - and whether you personally embrace them or just admire them from afar, it's always fun to get a glimpse of some street fashions here.

Enjoy Japan, and safe travels!

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