Look into another world at the MINIATURE LIFE exhibition (limited time only!!)

Look into another world at the MINIATURE LIFE exhibition (limited time only!!)

By Claudia Mitsu | 2017-09-06 | 422 views
Have you ever heard about the miniature calendar? Already some years ago the Japanese man Tatsuya Tanaka started making impressive miniature pictures and uploaded them on his SNS accounts. These pictures often include very daily things like different kinds of food or toilet paper and a lot of stuff you can find on your desk and everywhere else on your workplace or home. But not only this, these things are combined with small human figures creating a scene out of your daily life - in a miniature form. When I saw this for the first time, I was really impressed.
Following Tanaka already for a while now, I was happy to hear about an exhibition of his artworks being held. The exhibition is taking place at three big cities, started in June for a longer time in Taipei and now finally coming to Japan. 
I made some time to visit the MINIATURE LIFE exhibition in Shinjuku, where it is located at the 11th floor of Takashimaya from 1st September to 12th September. Surprisingly there were many people lining up for the exhibition and so it was also kind of crowded inside.
Popcorn Rocket
Next to different sized pictures of the miniature artworks you even can find some of the original structures build for the photographs. As small as just one or two human figures sitting on the picture frame or the whole work itself, all is displayed in the exhibition. Especially the baguette train, which is really driving around on the tracks, is a unique eye catcher. Explore the popcorn rocket, an autumn colored pagoda, the broccoli forest and more. And the best: you can take your own pictures there!
If you are interested in miniature photos of everyday things, you should definitely take a look to the exhibition. Some pictures will impress you, some will put a smile on your face and some will stay stucked in your head.
Looking to your food from another angle
The entry costs 800 yen for adults, 600 yen for high school and university students and everything from under middle school can enter for free. Remember the exhibition in Shinjuku will already end next Tuesday, on 12th September. Your next chance then will be in Osaka from 20th September to 2nd October.

Website: Miniature Calendar

More photos on my instagram account. Click on the link below to see the whole gallery. 

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    Jenny Basco
    2017-12-17 11:39:57

    I'm a nut for miniatures! I'm sad I missed this, but I'll be looking out for the next one. Thanks for this article! :)

  • Image
    Claudia Mitsu
    2017-12-18 23:40:10

    I hope you can make it next time!

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