Celebrate Halloween with Starbucks

Celebrate Halloween with Starbucks

By Claudia Mitsu | 2017-10-27 | 49 views
Starbucks Japan is well-known for their different versions of Frappuccino drinks which are released for a limited time constantly. It's Halloween time and we are shortly before all the big parties will start off this weekend. The perfect timing for Starbucks to jump on to the Halloween train and release a special Halloween Frappuccino. For sure, I tried it right away.
The Halloween Mystery Frappuccino was released today, on 25th October 2017, and will only be available for one week until 31th October. A very short period. 
The advertisement already looks interesting. The new  Frappuccino has a mystery in its name, this time not telling you what ingredients are inside. It looks like chocolate, but the question is what does it really taste like?
Halloween Mystery Frappuccino
Hm, yeah. It is actually tasting like chocolate. You will get a cold milk chocolate shake which is mixed with two sauces: caramel sauce and once more time chocolate sauce. On top you find another chocolate whipped cream and chocolate sauce. That makes the whole thing super sweet and probably high of calories, too. Nothing for your diet. However, I really fell in love with this drink, because I am a chocolate junki and would wish they would take it over in their regular menu. 
Together with cup you will receive one special sticker. With this you can decorate your cup. A really cute idea, I think. And when you have creative and nice staff they even draw you some Halloween characters such as ghosts, pumpkins and bats on your cup as I saw on instagram. If this still is not enough Halloween for you, Starbucks is also selling a Halloween-themed prepaid card.
The Halloween Mystery Frappuccino costs 540 yen (583 yen including tax). A little bit pricy for a drink, but normal for a brand as Starbucks.  If you want to try it yourself, hurry up and go for trick or treating at your closest Starbucks.
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