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Limousine Bus: Direct Service to Greater Tokyo

The first question people often ask upon arrival at Narita Airport is: how do we get into Tokyo from here? There are of course many options ranging from metros and JR train lines to buses depending on your time and budget. 

But if you’re someone who can’t be bothered to stay alert and make multiple train transfers with your bulky luggage, you really can’t beat the Limousine Bus

Multiple Lines Servicing Greater Tokyo Area

Limousine Bus runs in three major routes in the Greater Tokyo Area: Narita Airport Route, Haneda Airport Route, Narita-Haneda Inter-Airport Route

The Narita Airport Route alone has nearly 70 bus lines stopping at major destinations and train stations throughout Tokyo:

Direct Service to Tokyo Hotels

We can agree that public transportation in Japan is exceptionally convenient, but it’s not exactly simple. Direct service to and from hotels is the best option if you’re traveling to Tokyo for the first time or moving with heavy luggage. 

How to find out if Limousine Bus has direct service to your hotel from Narita:
  1. Go to the official Narita Airport Route page
  2. Select whether you are departing from or arriving at the airport
  3. Select your area, then use the second drop down list to see all the hotels in the area with direct service
    Select your stop from the second dropdown list

Luggage Service and Free Wifi Onboard

Limousine Bus is a definitely a few steps up from most other trains and buses. Ample space and legroom for you to catch a good quick nap, clean toilet and free wifi onboard, and best of all, a full-service staff that handles all your luggage. (Note: each passenger is limited to two checked pieces of luggage, each within the 50cmx60cmx120cm dimensions and under 30 kilograms).
Power outlets and wifi onboard
Bus staff stores your luggage in compartments at the bottom of the bus

How to Purchase Tickets

Departing from Narita Airport
Purchase your tickets at Limousine Bus counters within Terminals 1, 2, and 3. Your bus stop, seat, departure time and destination are all printed on the ticket.

Sample bus ticket

Departing for Narita Airport
Depending on your pickup location, Limousine Bus tickets may be sold at train station service counters, hotel front desks, or you may be asked to pay upon boarding or arrival at Narita Airport. Refer to the Limousine Bus official page to find out where tickets are sold for specific pickup locations.

Tickets for Limousine Bus departing from the Shangri-La Hotel for Narita Airport are sold at the B1F desk at the hotel

Tickets for Limousine Bus departing from the Bus Boarding Point at Tokyo Station are sold at the Limousine Bus Ticket counter

Narita Airport Route Limousine Bus Ticket Lucky Draw!

🚌 Prize: Two Narita Airport Route Limousine Bus Vouchers (6,000 yen value)

Three lucky winners will receive two Narita Airport Route Limousine Bus Vouchers that can be exchanged for tickets wherever Limousine Bus tickets are sold.

We ask that  recipients of these tickets share about their experience riding the Limousine Bus on Odigo. Articles can be any length, and we’d love to see pictures please!

🚌 How to participate

Step 3: Share with us your favorite Tokyo destination in the comments at the end of this article

🚌 Lucky-Draw Sign-Up Dates: Monday, November 6, 2017 ~ Sunday, November 12, 2017

🚌 Results will be announced on November 15, 2017 on Odigo’s Official Facebook Page and in the comments of this article


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And we have our winners 🎉
Congratulations to MeL Lin, Cristalle Lau, and Angelyn Labadan for each winning two Limousine Bus ticket vouchers!
Please DM us directly on Facebook to work out shipping details ✉️ In the mean time, start planning your next trip to Tokyo!

missed the last day to participate sigh!

I love the ambience in shinjuku.. Lots of store so lots of shopping! Yeay

Definitely Sensoji temple! I will always visit this place when I am in Tokyo. Will be bringing my parents and kid there for holidays next year 😊

I have not been to Japan but I'm planning to do so next year. Visiting Tokyo and Ibaraki Prefecture!!

Going to Japan in December, favourite spot: Osaka and Mt Fuji!

Shinjuku, for the variety of foods and things to do!

I would really like to see Sensōji Temple and Harajuku.

My favourite Tokyo destination is Harajuku - Omotesando. There are so many cute and unique shopping place, a lots of coffee shops and tasty snack sold in there. Also it always fun seeing peoples here in cute or even strange costume. Last but not least, there is a huge toy shop, Kiddyland. Feels like heaven in here..

My favourite Tokyo destination is Akihabara, it is always so alive, bright and happy. It defines genki and kawaii! Cute maids line the streets selling decorated omrice as cheerful jpop, anisong and idol bands music plays over the enitre area from every building. Anime cafes all over to help fill you with warm nostalgia or silly Fandom. The Sega and taito game center staff always help me win ridiculously large plush toys, I often get lucky on character good lotteries too and it's always such a wonderful day.

The Favourite destination in Tokyo is Shinjuku!