3 winter MUST-TRY drinks in Japanese vending machines!

3 winter MUST-TRY drinks in Japanese vending machines!

By Johanna Forsberg | 2017-11-08 | 1.6k views
Autumn is already here, and though some days offer around 22 degrees celsius and sun, the evenings are getting colder and you know that ’winter is coming!’
Typical Japanese vending machine in winter.
If you happen to be in Japan during the colder months you can stay warm by trying one of the hot beverages from Japanese vending machines. Yes, hot! In the warmer months vending machines around Japan are filled with the standard (and sometimes also not so standard) cold drinks, but once October comes the vending machines start offering hot beverages as well.
Cold and hot beverages on offer. Here cold ones are blue with a snow flake, hot ones are red with a fire symbol.
You will find a variety of hot (and cold) drinks in these vending machines (jidohanbaiki in Japanese). Hot coffee, green and black teas, hot chocolate, lemon drinks and also different kinds of soups. There are a lot of different vending machines, and they offer different beverages so look around. The price varies a little, but usually the beverages in vending machines here in Japan are between ¥100 and ¥150. 

Hot beverages are marked with red or yellow, usually on the button and/or the backdrop. Sometimes, however, a red button might mean that the item is sold out, so make sure to  check before pushing the button to not get a cold drink by mistake. あったか〜い, which means hot, is often written on the buttons.

Here are 3 must-try beverages you should get your hands on this winter in Japan
(literally, they are great hand warmers as well!):

Relax Jasmine Tea
Hot jasmine tea, my absolute favorite.
Cold jasmine tea is one of my favorite drinks and it can be found in vending machines and convenience stores all through the year. But the hot kind is even better! This is however a bit more difficult to find, so stay on the look out. It has a beautiful jasmine sent, not at all bitter (as it sometimes get when you brew it yourself) and has no sugar or other additives. It is perfect!

This "relax" type is from ITO EN and is my favorite (and the only hot kind I have found so far), so you will probably find it in the ITO EN vending machines. The only downside is the fact that it is a lot smaller bottle than the cold kind.

Hot Miso Soup
Corn, clam miso soup, tofu miso soup and vegetable coup. All hot!
In some vending machines you will find hot soups! Corn soup is really popular, but personally I am not really a fan. But I do love miso soup! There are different kinds of miso soup on offer in vending machines, like the ones above: shijimi clam miso soup and tofu and abura-age (fried tofu) miso soup. What is better than a steaming cup, or in this case a can, of miso soup?!

Other soups I have found (but not yet tried) include onion consommé, vegetable soup and the sweet red bean shiruko.

Minute Made Hot Lemonade
Hot green tea, hot "baked apple water" and Minute Made HOT LEMONADE. <- this one is the best!
There are a lot of different kinds of hot lemon drinks to be found in Japanese vending machines, and I have tried a lot of them. Usually they are a bit to sweet for my liking, or just taste like hot orange squash (cordial). But the Minute Maid Hot Lemonade one is tangy and tastes great! This is a life saver when you have a cold or sore throat and it heats up your whole body. "Warms your heart and body" as it says on the bottle. It contains a little bit of honey, but it is not too sweet. A perfect hot lemonade!
Hot cocoa, corn soup, yuzu lemon with honey, kirins lemon tea and kirins milk tea. あったか〜い means hot.
Which is your favorite hot drink? Please let me know your recommendations for hot vending machine drinks, there are so many! 
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    this is japan
    2017-11-08 05:57:33

    The Lohas apple water is really good! I'm a huge jasmine tea fan as well...but I am not so sure if I would be game to try the clam soup!

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    Johanna Forsberg
    2017-11-08 06:04:52

    Really? I haven’t had time to try it yet. Didn’t want to recommend without trying. (haven’t tried the clam soup either but I eat the instant miso type with clams so I guess it’s not leathal at least.)

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