d47 Museum Shibuya: Problem to Product Gift Exhibition

d47 Museum Shibuya: Problem to Product Gift Exhibition

By Claudia Mitsu | 2017-12-06 | 373 views
Japan is split in 47 prefectures and for sure every prefecture has its own problems. It is always a difficult way to find solutions, but if there is one they often result in something great. At the current exhibition at d47 Museum in Shibuya, you can find 47 product gifts that came up through this procedure. Let us take a look inside!
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The d47 Museum opened in 2012 and has rotating exhibition about individualities of all 47 prefectures. The exhibitions had various themes so far, just like “Travel”, “Good Design Award”, “Craft Writer”, “Children Toys” and more. In 2013 one theme was “47 Gift” and this is now picked up again with the 20th exhibition called “P to P GIFT 2018 Problem to Product Gift”.   
Nowadays, the manufacturing processes in Japan don’t only concentrate on high technology and quality. They also focus on a circulation that can be connected to the next generations without difficulties.  Words like “sustainable” and “ethical” spread out in various fields and become more and more important. The P to P GIFT exhibition wants to introduce products, which are created to solve regional problems in different parts of Japan. 
Here are two examples: 
  • In Yamagata prefecture they started to produce juice out of fruits which were normally thrown away because they are not inside the standards for selling. 
  • In Nara prefecture recycled cotton yarn is used for making socks keeping the resource circulation up.
These ways of manufacturing being helpful for the environment, nature and human resources and technology go along through all 47 prefectures. The exhibition wants to show that using these ideas could become a standard for Japanese manufacturing in the future. Also, calling the products not products but GIFTS should give them a lighter appeal and make them something wonderful.

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At the exhibition the products are presented on white tables, all including a short description, only in Japanese unfortunately. However, some of the information on the products themselves are in English. You can find a big variety of products, such as beauty gift boxes, beers and other drinks, wooden handicrafts and accessories, food and much more. 
At the back corner of the museum, you can find a small museum shop with many products from all 47 prefectures. Surely, you also can buy the displayed products. I couldn’t resist buying some juice cans from Yamagata prefecture – a nice omiyage because I never visited this prefecture before. Furthermore, the shop includes some books and magazine that are partly held bilingual – in Japanese and English. 
The P to P GIFT 2018 exhibition is held from 30th November 2017 until 4th February 2018. It is located at the d47 Museum at the 8th floor of the Shibuya Hikarie complex. It is opened from 11:00 to 20:00 every day with last entry at 19:30. The admission is free. If you want to see more of the d47 topic, this floor also includes a nice design travel store with unique products and the d47 Shokudo, a food court with changing local set meals, desserts, drinks and more.  
For more information, take a look on the official website
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    Susan Gavin
    2018-01-07 03:43:52

    Claudia, great tip about the exhibit! I love the D47 museum, shop, and restaurant. They do such a great job of promoting the 47 prefectures.

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