Lattes in all colors of the rainbow - naturally - at this Tokyo Coffee Shop!

Lattes in all colors of the rainbow - naturally - at this Tokyo Coffee Shop!

By this is japan | 2017-12-11 | 630 views
If you're like me, you like finding the cute, quirky coffee shops a city has to offer when you're out and about exploring. Well, Tokyo has a unique little coffee shop that has lattes in all colors of the rainbow - but you might be a little surprised as to how they get their various shades!

Ink by Canvas are located in the Daikanyama area of Tokyo, and they're a fairly new addition to the area, having opened just last month. What they do differently from their competitors though are those lattes I mentioned that come in all different shades - and best of all, they're all made with natural colorings. They've got a black colored latte made by using bamboo charcoal, a yellow colored latte made by using pumpkin, a red velvet latte that achieves its hue with beets, and a purple latte using none other than purple sweet potatoes to name just a few.

It's not just coffees that Ink by Canvas offer up - they have a range of food options to try as well if you're feeling hungry. From Southern Style BBQ Pulled Pork through to grilled croissant sandwiches, there's some great comfort food to indulge in. If you're a design fan and appreciate simplicity at your coffee shops, this place is worth a visit for that reason alone. White walls, wooden accents and minimalist light fixtures all make the vibe here very sleek and chic.

If you'd like to check out Ink by Canvas while you're in Tokyo and get yourself a naturally vibrant latte, the map address is below. They're open seven days a week from 10am until 7.30pm (last orders are at 7pm). Also, if you're looking for other tasty spots to grab a bite or a drink in Daikanyama, check out my other article here on some great places to visit.

Enjoy Tokyo, and Safe Travels!

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    SS Low
    2017-12-12 08:59:23

    Colourful drinks! and best of all, the colouring are all natural! I wonder if all the drinks taste the same but just different in colour?

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    Susan Gavin
    2018-03-25 14:49:09

    Great find- thanks for sharing!

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