Tama Center Illumination 2017

Tama Center Illumination 2017

By Claudia Mitsu | 2018-01-11 | 69 views
Winter time and especially the time around Christmas is the perfect timing for displaying illumination around the streets – for sure, also in Japan. This week I visited the illumination in Tama Center, located in the outer Western part of Tokyo.
Tama Center is a rather popular spot as location of the Sanrio Puroland, a unique theme park all about Hello Kitty and her friends. But right now it is even worth visiting this place when the sun went down. Approximately 450,000 LED are set up to bring you in a world of lights. The 400 meter long street is really impressive when you walk along. You can find different Christmas symbols and animal decorations all around the place. For sure, also a tall Christmas tree is put in the center of the event area.
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One of the highlights definitely is the Light Aquarium (光の水族館). Walk in a tunnel of lights, seeing various sea creatures and listen to the sound of the waves. Furthermore, you even can find some Sanrio characters belonging to the illumination event, too. See a huge Kitty-chan and even Gudetama which is located directly in front of the Sanrio Puroland.
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Several smaller events are held while the illumantion, including concerts and more. Even a special parade of Hello Kitty and her friends is taking place for three times. The last chance to watch it this year is on Friday evening, 22nd December from 17:30 to 18:00. So if you are close by, don’t miss the chance to watch it. 
The Tama Center Illumination is taking place from 11th November 2017 until 8th January 2018. The light up begins at 16:30 and usually lasts until 22:30. The event area  starts just right outside Tama-Center station which you can reach via three different lines (Keio Line, Odakyu Line, Tama Monorail) and is easy reachable. Walking around is for free. And if you have taken a great photo there: they even have a photo contest running. 
Find more information on the official website (Japanese only).
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