Top 10 Japanese Phrases You Can Use At Restaurants

Top 10 Japanese Phrases You Can Use At Restaurants

By Sumi Ally C | 2018-03-04 | 3.4k views
Language is important when you travel around the world. In Japan, the most widely spoken language is Japanese. Some of them do not know to speak English in daily life unless you are doing business with foreigners. As a traveler, this is a challenge to use Japanese when you visit to Japan. Of course, some tourist attraction have English words or people who know to speak English or Chinese. However, you will feel nervous if you get lost in somewhere or no English menu and some more you don’t know Japanese. Need not worry, here are 10 basic Japanese phases that will help you throughout your trip. So, you won’t be going in completely blind.

1. いただきます(I-ta-da-ki-mas)
A basic manner to say this before eating the food.
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2. ごちそうさまでした(Go-chi-so-u-sa-ma-de-shi-ta)
A basic manner to say this after your food is done.
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3.(一人、二人、三人) 用のテーブルをお願いします   (hi-to-ri, fu-ta-ri, sannin) yo-u-no-te-bu-o-ne-gai-shi-mas) 
A table for (one, two, three, four persons), please.
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4.メニューをお願いします (me-nyu-o-ne-gai-shi-mas)

 6.これを (一つ、二つ) お願いします   (Ko-re-o-hi-to-tsu / fu-ta-tsu-o-ne-gai-shi-mas) 
Can I please have (one, two) of this? 
 7. これください(Ko-re ku-da-sai)
I want this.
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8. お願いします(O-ne-gai-shi-mas)
Yes, please. (When the waiters offer you something and you accept it)
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How much is this? 
10. お勘定をお願いします   (O-kanjo-o-ne-gai-shi-mas)
The check, please.
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When you want to order meals, the challenge is how to use counters. For example, glasses of water, pieces of paper or bottles of wine. No worry, Japanese has universal counter is where you can use for anything including food. 
Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Japanese people are quite kind and helpful. They will try their best to help you. So, memorize some useful Japanese Language before visit to Japan. 

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