Time Travel: A visit to the village of pioneers

Time Travel: A visit to the village of pioneers

By Aira A | 2018-02-13 | 390 views

Traveling back in time is possible when you visit Historical Village of Hokkaido (北海道開拓の村 Hokkaidō Kaitaku no Mura) located in Sapporo.

This open-air museum takes you back to  Meiji, Taisho and early Showa eras where you can discover 100 years of  industry, lifestyle, and culture of Hokkaido. 
As you enter the vicinity 52 structures from mid 19th to early 20th century that have been  relocated and recreated will greet you. 
The 54  hectares land is divided into four zones: 

1. Town Area

Take a stroll and experience a city centuries ago. This area has 31 old wooden and stone buildings that are picture perfect.
You can see how  a typical town looks like during the early days.
27605939_10210580370252630_981357964_o.jpg 307.06 KB
Kaitakushi Sapporo Headquarters of the Colonization ( Visitor Center)
Residence of FUKUSHI -Naritoyo
Police Box at Minami 1-Jo
Kondo's Dyeing Shop
Kaitakushi Industrial Office
Old Sapporo Railway Station ( Management Office Building)

2. Farm Village 

Ever wonder how agriculture was like a hundred years ago?  This zone has  farmhouse, dairy barn  and silkworm house from Meiji-Taisho period.

3. Mountain Village

In this area you will see a structure to store log transport engines ( Oketo, late Taisho era) ,  lodging for people during logging season ( Shimokawa, Taisho era) and charcoal making shed ( Taisho era).

4. Fishing Village

Fishing is a thing! In this part of the village you will see structures for herring fishing and storage houses from the 19th century.
27653680_10210580372532687_315429605_o.jpg 317.73 KB
Hokkaido's Historical Village will give you a wonderful experience and is a must place to go.
You will learn about history, technological development and  architectural improvement   that will help you value the present more.

Museum Hours
Tuesday to Sunday
9:00 - 16:30 
 9:00- 17:00 ( May- September)

Admission Fees
Adult- 800 Y
Student- 600 Y
Seniors(65+) Youth&Children (Jr.High School Student  & under),Handicapped People ,Exchange Students living in Hokkaido- Free

Carriage Ride
Horse Drawn Trolley ( Summer)
Horse Drawn Sleigh ( Winter)
( Saturday , Sunday, national holiday and Sapporo Snow Festival )
Children ( 3-14) 100 Y           Adults ( 15 and above) 250 Y

Historical Village of Hokkaido Foundation
Konopporo 50-1,Atsubetsu-cyo,Atsubetsu-ku
Sapporo,Hokkaido,Japan 004-0006

How to get there:
By train and bus
Sapporo StationJR&Tozai Line(Subway) ->Shin Sapporo Station (Bus stop no.22) ->Kaitaku-no-mura ( last stop)
Sapporo Station  ( Hakodate Line) -> Shinrinkoen Station-> Bus for Kaitaku-no-mura

For more info visit their website

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    2018-02-03 19:14:38

    awesome! great pictures! When is the best time to visit?

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    Aira A
    2018-02-06 01:20:46

    Thank you. Best time to visit is during winter ( December-February) very scenic. Also they have horse sleigh during this season that helps you go around the place.

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    Louis keong
    2018-02-23 06:39:56

    awesome! great pictures!

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    Aira A
    2018-02-26 03:47:29

    thanks. ^^

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