First Conveyor Belt Sushi Experience at Sushiro

First Conveyor Belt Sushi Experience at Sushiro

By Sumi Ally C | 2018-03-09 | 374 views
Tokyo is one of the world’s most expensive capitals, but you can travel to Tokyo on a budget. The first time I traveled to Japan on budget is in year 2015. Food is one of my part of expenses, we can eat a lot but pay less. Conveyor belt sushi is my priority choice to enjoy my meal without spending more. Today, I would like to introduce my first conveyor belt sushi is Sushiro.

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Sushiro is the leading conveyor belt sushi chain in Japan and it was founded over 30 years. There have many branches all over Japan. What is conveyor belt sushi? This is a fast food style of sushi from Japan where the plates of sushi revolve around the restaurant on a conveyor belt. It is also called Kaiten-sushi. Sushiro is cheap with outstanding quality of its sushi. Most of the sushi cost 100 yen plus tax per dish including traditional sushi, salmon, cooked sushi and creative sushi. You also can order side dishes or desserts at reasonable price. The rice are so warm and tasty and they always create new menu every month in order to attract Japanese people and foreigners to the restaurant. 
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Sushiro has touchscreen ordering device at each table. When you order sushi from touchscreen, it comes around on the conveyor in dishes marked with your table’s color. They use RFID technology to keep track of how long sushi has been circulating on the conveyor. They want to make sure sushi needs to be very fresh in order to taste great. If the sushi has been circulating too long, it is automatically pulled.
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You may sit and choose your sushi from the conveyor belt or order from touchscreen in front of you. Don’t worry if you don’t understand Japanese words. They have English, Chinese and Korean language settings. One of the most typical feature of conveyor belt sushi restaurant is the unlimited self-serve green tea. Just scoop a little green tea powder and add hot water. You also can order coffee, juice or sake from menu.
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Call writer using a button when you are finished. The writer count the plates and give you a card to take to the cashier counter. Most of the Sushi plate cost for 100 yen.If you have a chance, enjoy a very cheap and delicious sushi at Sushiro!
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