In Japan Easter 2018 tastes like Banana!?!

In Japan Easter 2018 tastes like Banana!?!

By Claudia Mitsu | 2018-04-04 | 349 views
In Japan Kit Kat is very well known because of all their different flavors and limited-time offers. The newest Kit Kat for the Easter season was just released and has a very unique flavor.

Easter Break for KitKat!
Easter is actually not that popular in Japan. These days it is mainly celebrated at popular theme parks such as Disneyland in Tokyo or the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka where they have special decorations during that time of the year. When you are lucky, you can find some other hints about Easter in some of the shops, but this is nearly all. So, there is also no wonder, that most of the Japanese people don’t even know what the Easter holidays which are celebrated in many western countries are actually about. Something with a rabbit might be the only answer.   

But let’s come to the latest Kit Kat version which was released for celebrating Easter. I was first wondering why they decided for banana flavor, but later found out the decision was made through a poll. Ok, at least you can say the yellow color of the banana reminds one of the yellow inside the Easter eggs. At least, they put the cute egg-shaped Easter rabbits on the layout, too. 

Inside the bag you find 12 Kit Kat mini including 12 different packagings. A “lucky Easter” design is also hidden randomly in the bags, too. They all look pretty cute, don’t they.
Got the golden Easter KitKat!!
Coming to the taste – yes, it is Banana Kit Kat and it is pretty delicious in my eyes. I like the combination of chocolate and the slight banana taste together with the crunchy waffles. 
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The Easter Kit Kat 2018 was released already some weeks ago, but it took some time until it found its way to the local supermarkets. If you can’t find it there, take a look to Don Quijote stores. But be quickly, this sort will probably disappear as soon Easter is over. 
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