How To Get Your First 5,000 Odigold Points In 7 Days

Update Mar 27: This guide has been updated to reflect adjustments to the Follow points, which have been reduced from 100 to 10 points. The change was made to encourage users to contribute in more meaningful ways to the community, whether through articles, comments or spot tips.

There are dozens of Japan travel websites out there – what makes Odigo different? Well, you of course! It’s amazing people like you that make up the vibrant Odigo community, and we all share one thing in common – a love for all things Japan. 

Here you can share your unique Japan experiences, inspire others, and be inspired in return. But that’s not all. We want you to feel rewarded, beyond the nice feeling you get knowing that you’re helping others have the trip of their lives in Japan. 

That’s why we created the Odigold Points system. 
When you share your Japan knowledge by writing articles, leaving spot tips, interacting with the community and more, you'll earn Odigold Points that can be redeemed for Amazon e-Gift cards. The minimum redemption is 5,000 Odigold Points, and getting there is a lot easier than you think!

But wait, you say – I don’t live in Japan, so do these points mean anything to me? The answer is YES! If there is an Amazon in your country, such as the USA, you can choose to have your points redeemed in the local currency equivalent (i.e., 5,000 Odigold Points/Yen = approx. USD44 Amazon USA e-Gift card) 

What happens if you don’t? Well, we’ve got you covered too – through the AmazonGlobal program, you can make a purchase on Amazon Japan and have it shipped to over 65 countries! Now you can finally get that Japan-exclusive Totoro figure that you’ve always wanted. 

What’s more, if you accumulate over 100,000 Odigold Points, you can redeem your points for cash (via bank transfer).

Sound good? Great, because we’re about to show you, step by step, how easy it is to get from zero to 5,000 Odigold Points in 7 days or less. Ready? Let’s go! 

How to get your first 5,000 Odigold Points in 7 days

Day 1

1. Sign up through an invitation link (100 points)

To get started, ask a friend who is already an Odigo member to share their referral link, or you can use this one.

2. Complete your profile (100 points)

After logging in, click the “Edit profile" button on the left sidebar and fill in all fields marked with a star:
  • First name, last name
  • Username
  • Avatar
  • Profile background
  • Bio
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Nationality
  • Profile page title

3. Check in daily for 7 days (100 points)

Click the red “Check In” button every 24-48 hours (from last check in) 7 days in a row to earn an easy 100 points. If you keep the streak going for 14 days, you get an extra 200 points and if you make to 30 days you get a whopping 2,000 points!

Day 2

1. Write your first article (600 points)

Write an article to share your Japan travel tips and experiences with your fellow Odigoers (300 words or more with at least one picture) and get 500 Odigold Points. And since it’s your first article, you’ll get another 100 bonus points!
Note: Articles that are published first appear only in your personal article tab, pending review by an Odigo moderator (within 24-48 hours). Once the article is approved, it will appear in the Articles section of the website and you’ll receive 500 Odigold Points.

2. Connect – follow your first 10 Odigoers, and have 10 Odigoers follow you (200 points)

If you write quality articles and share them, people are more likely to follow you for more. And for each one that does, you get 10 Odigold Points. Likewise, find 10 or more Odigoers you like and follow them (100 points) to keep updated on their latest contributions – and make it more likely for them to notice and follow you back. 

3. Invite 5 friends (1,500 points)

Odigo is a lot more fun with friends. Invite them to join you on Odigo using your personal link, and if they sign up, they receive 100 Odigold Points and you receive 300 points! Find your personal link on the left sidebar of your profile page. 

Day 3

1. Contribute 10 spot tips (200 points)

Been to a spot and know something that might be helpful to other Odigoers? Share your tip and earn 20 Odigold Points – 30 if you include a picture. 

Day 4-7

1. Write 3 more approved articles (1,500 points)

Did you have an interesting experience or learn something new during your trip to Japan? Write about it! Or research something about Japan that you’re passionate about and share it with like-minded Odigoers.
Here are a few article ideas to get you started:
  • How to (eat sushi the proper way, use vending machines and coin lockers, buy bus tickets)
  • Culture (food, local festivals, tea ceremonies)
  • Itineraries/guides (best places to buy anime merchandise, best clubs in Japan, Akihabara day trip itinerary)

Get creative and put your best articles forward because...

2. Get points for views on 4 articles, avg 100 each (800 points) 

This is where the real magic happens: Every view your article gets earns you 2 Odigold Points. Whether you’re at work, eating or in your pajamas – the points just keep rolling in! So share your article with as many people as you can – the more views you get, the more points you earn. The sky’s the limit.
To see your points, log in, click on your profile picture icon and click "Your Points”. 
If you’ve followed the steps, on Day 7 you should have well over 5,000 Odigold Points in your account – enough to redeem your first 5,000 Yen Amazon e-Gift card! All for sharing your passion for Japan with other fellow travelers.

For a complete list of actions that will earn you Odigold Points, click here.

How to redeem your points

The first time is always the best, and nothing beats the excitement of making your first Odigold Points redemption.

  • Log in and click your profile picture on the top right menu
  • Click “Your points”
  • Click “Redeem”
  • Choose redemption option (Amazon e-Gift card or Apple Store gift card)
  • You’ll receive an email notification when the redemption is processed (takes up to 7 days)

How to retrieve your gift card code

  • Log in and access your points page
  • Scroll down to the Odigold Redemption History section
  • Click “Reveal Code"
  • Do a little happy dance

So there you have it. We hope you’ll find that Odigo is hands-down the most rewarding place to create and publish your Japan travel content out there. What are you waiting for? Get started today!
We can’t wait to read about your amazing adventures in Japan. 😊 🇯🇵