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MUST try foods from 7-Eleven

If you haven't heard by now, a convenience store in Japan is unlike any you will find in the U.S. When I ask my friends, “What is something you'll miss about Japan?" First thing that comes to mind for many of them is being able to go to a 7-Eleven and buy their favorite foods. Well, what kind of foods can you find that are not offered at a 7-eleven in the U.S? 
Pro tip: Just keep walking you'll always find one.
Here’s my starter pack of Must try foods from a 7-eleven in Japan. 

Do you remember biting into your first onigiri? I do! I was on a trip to New York with a friend from Japan. Her mom had prepared a quick breakfast for us. Hers had tuna bits in the middle and mine had salmon. That was my first encounter with onigiri and now living in Japan definitely not my last. What I found out in Japan was that I could conveniently make onigiri my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With different kinds of rice, meats, vegetables, and toppings, I’m sure you will be able to find one that drives your taste buds crazy. When you’re in Japan make sure you find your favorite.
My go-to is tuna-mayonnaise with a seaweed wrap covering all the rice.

I found out about this beautiful creation when a friend of mine went on a combini run.  I asked her what she got and she said, “ Pancakes”, I saw those bite size pancakes and thought, “Those are going to be the driest pancakes I will ever have!" To my pleasant surprise, these little pancakes came pre-filled with syrup and butter. Now, if you live somewhere that does this let me know in the comment section below, but if not let it just sink in. Pre-Filled with syrup and butter…okay now you can continue reading and find out what other foods you can find in a combini.
I guess if I could have read Japanese when I first got here I would not have been surprised.
Syrupy and buttery goodness caught on camera.

Ask me what my food weakness is and every time I will answer “Chips!" Of course my weakness led me to pick out this easy to eat, easy to carry snack.  My favorite form of chips are veggie sticks and this is one of the closest similar snacks I can find.
This one is veggie flavor but I've seen cheese, avocado, and butter flavor

I had not even been in Japan a week when I heard about Chu-hi. “Be careful with Chu-hi, it’s scary easy to drink because it taste just like soda!” For some time I did heed the warnings, but curiosity got the best of me. Also, it didn't help that all my friends are Japanese and this is their go-to alcohol to get a buzz while saving money! “When in Japan, do as the Japanese do”, thats how the saying goes right?
Grapefruit flavor, 5% alcohol
Lychee flavor, 8% alcohol, and the big size(Limited time)

Are you still eating ice cream the old fashioned way? Ice cream cone with chocolate all the way at the base of the cone? Let me introduce you to this mess free ice cream sandwich. Now, you get the waffle cone, ice cream and twice the chocolate in every bite. 
Just thank me later!
These foods are the starter pack to my combini life in Japan. They have all impacted me in some gastronomical way. The possibilities inside convenient stores are endless. Trust me, I have lived in Japan for 3 years and still haven’t tried everything. Whether you haven’t been to Japan and all these foods look new to you or you live in Japan and haven’t tried anything from my starter pack. When the times comes make the right choice! 

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It looks very delicious after i go there i will try them

It looks very delicious after i go there i will try them

I can't wait to try konbini food haha!

Look like very delicious....making me hungry now

I really miss japan 7-11 after finish this article

Looks delicious <3

Those pancakes were my addiction when I first moved here! And chu-hi, so good (so dangerous, like you said!)

My favorite convenience store quick eat though is probably pizzaman! I love them!

Oh, I love Suntory sour-grape chu-hi. I made the mistake once of drinking almost a whole 500ml can of fruit juice from FamilyMart for breakfast before I realised it was 6% alcohol.

Yep - have to agree on those pancakes - soft, addictive and amazing!

Ageed on the tuna-mayonnaise with a seaweed wrap , that is yum!

Those 7-11 pork cutlet and rice meals are delicious! And I don't know what I'll do without Calbee pizza-flavored chips.

Definitely going to miss 7-Eleven when I leave Japan.