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Best Burgers in Japan? Give Center-4 a try!

Japanese food is beyond delicious. From ramen to sushi, curry to soba, tempura to okonomiyaki - there's something to suit just about anyone's taste preferences, really!
I will say though that as an Aussie girl living in Japan with an American husband, sometimes we both just crave a really good burger!
We took a really enjoyable trip last year to Hida Takayama, a beautiful town renowned for the ryokans and cuisine they have there. Before we visited, we'd heard about a burger place called Center 4.

This particular burger restaurant serves burgers made with Hida Beef. Now, Hida Beef might not have the same instant name recognition globally as something like Kobe beef, which seems to be the first variety people think of when they think of Japanese beef - but it's absolutely on the same level!

The food was delicious - but I will say they are a very popular establishment. We turned up within about 5 minutes of the store opening for the day, and were advised that we would have to come back in half an hour when a table should have freed up. My best bet if you're really keen on giving the burgers a try is to make a reservation beforehand, and to get there early! There's only a limited number of Hida Beef burger patties they make on a daily basis, so it's absolutely a case of first in, best dressed.
In saying that - if you do turn up without a reservation and can still get in later, Hida Takayama is a really pleasant town to walk around. It does give you that feeling like you've stepped back in time a little - I wish we'd had more time here, to be honest!

I love that people always seem to have flowers growing outside their homes or businesses. It's just such a pretty touch that shows care and highlights the beauty of nature!

If you are traveling in Japan and plannning on making a trip out to Hida Takayama, absolutely give the burgers at Center 4 a try! I'd love to hear what you thought of them if you do end up going!
Getting there: 〒506-0844 Gifu Prefecture, Takayama, 上一之町94.

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