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A stay at a robot hotel: Henn-na

If you happen to be going to the wonderful theme park that is Huis Ten Bosch, or just want to try a unique hotel experience, why not also opt for a stay at Henn-na?
What's better than a robot? A robot DINOSAUR.

Henn-na Hotel is the world's first hotel primarily staffed and run by robots! It is within decent walking distance of the front entrance to Huis Ten Bosch. Once you finish checking in, though, you can walk onto the back lawn of the hotel, down a little path for a couple minutes, and enter the theme park from the back - a much quicker route.
It's a very nice, very modern complex!

A Gundam-ish robot stands guard outside the front door of the hotel. Inside, there are more robots! At the front desk, at least one of the clerk robots will speak English - when I went it was the velociraptor. You can actually use the self-checkout kiosk for an easier time but the robot will repeat the instructions at random.
Too bad it wasn't a moving robot, though...

A giant Tuly, the mascot of Huis Ten Bosch, will also greet you upon entering!

There was even a lawn-mowing robot!

My friend and I arrived early enough in the day that our room wasn't ready just yet, but a human staff member appeared (out of nowhere it seemed! very mysterious) and kindly offered to store our luggage in their office temporarily. As for our smaller carry-ons, we knew we didn't want to lug those around Huis Ten Bosch all day either - and that's when we discovered the robotic arm locker service! For a small fee you can choose to give a helpful robot arm your belongings to store in a locker - which is impossible for anyone else to get to, as you see.
Even if you didn't choose to use the locker service, it's cool to see how it works when other guests do.

There is a size/weight limit, so make sure to read the description on the kiosk carefully before you purchase a locker.

We booked a standard room which is the smallest, but it still felt very roomy, and the beds were extremely comfortable. There's an option to have facial recognition software scan your face to enter your room instead of a key card, but we were a little nervous to rely on that method, haha. I still think that sounds really cool though!
The inside is very casual and modern, just like the outside.

Each room comes with a tablet and a small Tuly robot that also controls the lights. You can interact with Tuly via the tablet or by speaking to her out loud, though I believe she only responds to Japanese. You can ask her questions or sing to her, and she'll sing back. It was a little tricky to communicate to Tuly that we wanted to turn the lights in our room off and go to bed...she kept on singing! So the technology isn't perfect just yet.
Tuly is one of my favorite mascots, actually! She's just so cute.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into this very unique hotel. I recommend checking out the website as they have some video clips of the robots in action!
Hotel Info:
Website: (available in both English and Japanese)
Address: 〒859-3243, Huis Ten Bosch Machi, Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture
Phone: +81 570-064-110

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Wow~awesome...something new to know. Thanks for sharing!

"but a human staff member appeared (out of nowhere it seemed! very mysterious)"

Haha, still there're human beings there.

Yes indeed! I think they only appeared because my friend and I showed up so early - if we'd shown up at regular check-in hours I bet we would have kept on assuming that the place was literally run by only robots, haha

This is so cool! I remember either reading about it in the newspaper or seeing it on Japanese morning TV - talk about a neat experience!