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Smoothie Wax Bar Osaka

Heading off to the beach this summer? Neglected your nether-regions over the winter?
Getting smooth, hairless skin for summer can be tough for non-Japanese in Japan, where most women get laser treatment for hair removal. Laser treatment is very reasonably priced here, but works best on dark hair and very light skin. For those of us with dark skin, or light hair, waxing is preferable to shaving, but it is still very hard to find reliable salons in central Osaka.
I have visited Smoothie Wax Bar twice now (once while pregnant - which is safe, but Brazilian waxing is not recommended until after the first trimester) and definitely wanted to recommend their services to Odigo readers!
They have a new location in Doutonbori (between Shinsaibashi and Namba) right next to the New Japan Sauna. Use Namba Midosuji Line station exit 25 if coming by train, or it is an easy walk from central Shinsaibashi or Namba.

The full address is : Ground floor, New Japan Building, 2-3-28 Doutonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka.
You can make reservations by email, phone (phone-calls may not be answered during treatments), or their handy online reservation link on their website. The salon is open from 11:00-20:00.
And their Facebook page can be found here.

Treatments include the popular Brazilian, lower body, upper body, arms and facial waxing.  You can find a list of all the treatments along with the prices (in Japanese yen) here.
Eyebrow/eyelash tinting is also available.
The therapist Yoshie waxes both men and women, is fluent in English and is very professional. I felt totally comfortable during both visits!
Love their new slogan too... `bear or bare?`
Have fun,
Fran xx
p.s. please keep in mind the following points before getting waxed...
Book your waxing appointment 4-5 days before a beach/onsen trip to ensure there are no adverse reactions.
Your hair needs to be at least 3mm long before you can be waxed.
Let the salon staff know if you are/have been pregnant, have used any skin treatments that might thin the skin, or had any kind of surgery or laser treatment in the past six months.
Come back every 4-6 weeks for the best results.
And, right after a wax, remember...
-Avoid wearing tight clothing such as jeans, tights straight after treatment and wear clean, loose fitting clothes, preferably non-synthetic material.
-No hot bath, sauna, swimming, exercise, tanning or any activities that will cause excessive perspiration and irritation to the skin.
-Treated area should be protected with sun block.
-Avoid applying deodrant or perfumed products on the treated area.
-Avoid touching or scratching the waxed area.
-No exfoliation for the next 5 days but do exfoliate once a week after that.
*Lots of great tips and advice from Smoothie`s website. Thanks!!

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