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Shopping for international brand clothing in Osaka

Shopping in Japan is a LOT of fun. The insane variety of stores means that each shop caters for an entirely different niche group of shoppers. You will definitely be able to find clothes that you like, but may have trouble finding clothes that fit. The majority of Japanese women are shorter and thinner than the average `gaijin` (non-Japanese, or foreigner) with smaller breasts and hips, making shopping a little difficult, and/or depressing. Things are changing slowly however, and while 10 years ago I was often encouraged (with hand signals or `no no no`s) to leave shops which obviously didn`t hold clothes in my size, sales assistants now may be able to find slightly larger sizes (closer to a US medium) somewhere in the back)!

So, if you are looking for clothes in sizes/styles that you are more used to, international chain stores/brands may be a safer bet. **However, it is likely that they won't hold sizes larger than `large` in-store.

In the main shopping areas of Osaka (Umeda, Shinsaibashi and Namba) as well as in the larger suburban shopping malls a bit further away (including the HUGE Expo City Lalaport which opened in 2016), you should be able to find most of these international clothing brands in their own boutiques/stores. 

Many department stores (like Hankyu, Daimaru and Takashimaya) also have smaller displays featuring clothes from these labels too, as well as the more expensive luxury brands which they are most famous for.

Some of the stores which have numerous branches around the city and in the suburban malls are listed below with their websites. Some are in Japanese, but are easy enough to navigate. Most will have a list of their stores under a link with characters like this 店舗. As an alternative, many online stores also offer shipping within Japan!!

Zara (online store)
H and M (online store)
Banana Republic (online store)
Forever 21 (online store)
American Eagle Outfitters (online store)
Hollister (online store)
Abercrombie and Fitch (online store)
Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply (online store produced by Zozotown)
G Star Raw (online store)
Stussy (online store)
Volcom (online store produced by Zozotown)
Billabong (mens` online store and womens` online store)
Quiksilver / Roxy (online store)
Diesel (online store)
Levis (online store)
Lee (online store - also sells Wrangler and other brands)

...and many more

Happy shopping,
Fran xx

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I see a lot of the brands you mentioned also here in Germany, probably because these are international brands. I wonder if there are any japanese brands that ship worldwide.. I would love to receive some clothes from Japan and I don't mind paying high shipping costs.

H&M and Zara are definitely my go-tos here - thankfully we have one in my local mall! Shoes are tricky too...I'm a size 8 shoe and most Japanese stores don't go that high...the LL sized shoes are still sometimes a squish for my feet!