Lake Ashinoko ( 芦ノ湖 )

Lake Ashinoko ( 芦ノ湖 )

By Nibai にばい | 2017-06-29 | 607 views

If you look for beautiful and scenic places in Japan, this will probably be on your list already. If not, this article might contain a pretty interesting destination to visit on a weekend or just on your trip to Japan.

Amazing view of the lake with Fuji-san in the background (Source: )

The lake Ashi, also called Ashinoko, is a scenic place in the Hakone area of Kanagawa prefecture on the Honshuu island. After the last eruption of Mount Hakone, which happened around 3000 years ago, this beautiful lake was formed. It's a popular attraction for tourists known for its amazing view on Fuji-san and the lake, its numerous hot springs, historical sites and also ryokans.
Sightseeing boats on the lake (Source: )

If you come to this place I definitely suggest you to take one of the sightseeing boats. There are two companies for sightseeing boats, but I recommend the 'Hakone Sightseeing Cruise' one as they have an english version of their website.
A cruise from one end to the other end of the lake costs 1000 yen and takes approximately 30 minutes.
In my opinion, this sounds like a really good deal getting to see such a beautiful view for a moderate price!
Also, the sightseeing boats look like pirate ships which adds a cool feeling to the sightseeing cruise - I mean, who doesn't want to feel like a pirate cruising on a large lake while having an amazing sight?
Haiden of Hakone Jinja (Source: )

On the shores of lake Ashi in the town of Hakone sits the Hakone Shrine, which you can't directly see from the lake, but if you're at the lake, you can definitely visit this shrine as well.
Torii of Hakone Shrine at Lake Ashi (Source: )

Additionally, you can have a look on the torii gate from the lake, which is why I mentioned the shrine.
Further information to the sightseeing of the lake: (available in English!)
Lastly, a fun fact: Did you know that Ashi-no-ko means Lake of reeds? Interesting title for such a scenic and popular lake!
I hope you had fun reading this article. If you have any questions or anything else, I'd love to hear about it in the comments down below! ~ Have you been to the Lake Ashi yet? If yes, how was it? If not, do you want go to there someday?
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    this is japan
    2017-03-23 23:43:01

    I love this place! We went there on a trip to Hakone a couple of years back. It's just as peaceful and tranquil as it looks! We didn't go on one of the boats but we saw one of the pirate ships cruising around on the lake!

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    Cindy Shinoda
    2017-03-24 01:42:25

    Beautiful photographs! I didn't get a chance to capture the torii gate because it was cloudy and foggy.

  • Image
    Nibai にばい
    2017-03-24 07:14:03

    Awesome to hear that! Thanks for the comment, Kim!

  • Image
    Nibai にばい
    2017-03-24 07:15:49

    That's unlucky.. I hope you still had a good experience. Thanks for commenting!

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    Kurt Low
    2017-03-24 07:34:06

    The cover pic is surreal! Making a trip to hakone soon and this will definitely be on my list. Btw, check your email! ;)

  • Image
    Nibai にばい
    2017-03-24 12:17:02

    I hope you'll have a beautiful trip to Hakone with sunny weather and a warm temperature! I'll check my email right away! :)

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    Lacey Gerdes
    2017-10-09 17:25:50

    I wanna go!!

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