Makeup Shopping in Shibuya

Makeup Shopping in Shibuya

By Lauren Shannon | 2017-08-02 | 4.6k views
Japanese cosmetics are gaining more and more popularity around the world. The cosmetics are already famous in Asia, but now makeup studios and professional models worldwide are taking notice of both everyday and fancy department store brands from Japan. During your travels in Tokyo you can stock up on all your cosmetic needs and maybe grab some souvenirs for your Taylor-Swift-style-squad back home!

Shibuya Makeup Shopping

While writing this round-up we took inspiration from famous fashion Youtuber Kim Dao. This post highlights some must-stop-&-shop spots in and around the Shibuya Station area.

109 Building

Fashion famous Shibuya 109 building
Shibuya 109 is an iconic shopping building with so many great stores for fashionistas and glamor gals. If you want to buy some great makeup check out the basement (B2) level for overseas brands including trendy Etude House from Korea. This floor has lots of Japanese brands as well. Up on the 8th floor, you can find unique makeup in the Womania shop. Shibuya 109 is a great place to see what is on trend and is also a terrific spot for people watching.

Don Quijote

Don Quijote is a great spot for discount shopping
Just up the street, you can check out this massive "everything" store. Don Quijote has a huge selection of cosmetics. You can usually find many items at a discount. Tons of Japanese and international brands are on hand in this rather crazy store. We love the fancy false eyelash sets! Don Quijote also features Japanese skincare and hair products.

Tsuruha Drug Store

Browse well-stocked drug store shelves for makeup and beauty products -- Photo from Flickr cc by Stuart Rankin
A short walk away at the Tsuruha Drug Store, we found loads of colorful eyeshadows and many brands only found in Japan. These goods aren't just available at this shop -- you can shop for great makeup at every Japanese drug store. You will always find good products with great cost performance. At this shop, we really liked the line up from Kate Tokyo, a cosmetics line from the powerhouse brand Kanebo.


The Odigo team loves shopping at Shibuya Loft
Loft is a famous department store. We love it for all kinds of souvenirs and stationery goods, but the Shibuya branch also has a  great selection of western import makeup including many well-known brands from the UK and USA. You can find some cute local Japanese brands too. We loved the adorable nail polish selection and the nail art kits!

It's Demo

Twelve eye shadow options — Photo by Freya Fang
This Shibuya must-stop-shop often features collaborations with kawaii (cute) brands like Disney, Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty and most recently their adorable tie-up with Pokemon. It'sDemo is your best bet for bringing home some classic cute makeup from Japan.


High end cosmetics are found in the iconic Seibu Department Store - Photo from Flickr cc by jun560
Finally wrapping up our marvelous makeup tour of Shibuya, be sure to check out the Grand Dame department store Seibu. The first floor of this well-known shopping destination features ultra popular, high-end, global, luxury brands -- both Western and Japanese. End your makeup tour in style, browsing the spacious, well-lit aisles. You can even get tips or a make-over from one of the many brand experts.

Tax-Free Makeup

As you can tell, the Shibuya area is a great location for makeup shopping in fashion-forward Tokyo. Most of these shops are tax-free (bring your passport) for travelers. You will find a lot of variety and a wide range of prices at these stores, favorites of locals and tourists.

If you have other recommendations, please give a shout-out in the comment thread. Head on over to Kim Dao's Youtube channel to check out her Shibuya and Pokemon makeup videos and the other travel adventures she shared this year with Odigo.
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    I wish you had actually listed and posted photos of makeup shops in 109 or ANYTHING in general instead of just copy-pasting what Kim Dao already did.

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