What is Odigo ?

What is Odigo ?

By Lauren Shannon | 2017-06-28 | 136 views
Cherry Blossoms at Shibuya crossing, photo by Nathan Hosken
I get asked all the time, “What is Odigo?”  and often, even before I can answer, people tell me that there are already many travel applications and websites out there in the world. The great thing is, as soon as I explain to them what we are building, and when I share my excitement about this project, they all agree that what we are doing is special and in my opinion a game-changer! 

We are sharing the best of Japan by making connections, by building a community of people who love this country, love exploration and crave original, customized, travel adventures.
Our team is pretty passionate. Opinionated even! We have a wide variety of experience and come from different cultures, but it works because we all care about creating a community. We care about learning from each other and sharing what we know, and I believe that this common curiosity and empathy is the foundation of Odigo.
In “marketing” terms we are a new Travel Planning and Sharing site and smartphone application, but what we really are is a community platform. A place where we can share the best knowledge about traveling in Japan, the best things to see and do, and great places to eat and drink, with a global community of travelers, local experts, and writers. We are a growing community, sharing and learning.
We’re always thinking at every level how to make it fun and easy for people to contribute to a travel ecosystem. How can we make the process enjoyable? How can we share beautiful photos, expert advice, and help visitors to Japan have their dream trip?
Our name is a mashup of the ideas of “Odyssey and Going“ and as we learn and build our startup team, we are also having our own odyssey. We face challenges and explore new opportunities every day.
We want to welcome more people to our group. Our community already includes travelers, writers, and experts in craft, film, art, photography, hiking, running, history, culture and just about any topic you can mention. We want you to join as well. We want to learn from you and we would love you to share your favorite places in Japan. Head over here for information on how to get involved!
On our Odigo blog we post often about startups, productivity, technology, and of course about travel and the sights and experiences of exploring Japan. We are excited to share this journey with you. 

You can find us on:

Lauren Shannon is the Community Manager for Odigo, she's been living in Japan for over 18 years, she's also Odigo's resident food and drink expert! You can view Lauren's favourite spots in Japan on her Odigo profile. 

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