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Maternity wear in Osaka, Japan

The second time I was pregnant in Japan I felt like I started showing much sooner, or perhaps because I was starting to show in summer (when clothes are a bit more revealing), I began to wear proper `maternity clothes` sooner too.

I stocked up on the basics (a pair of maternity jeans, and 3-4 short sleeved maternity t-shirts) at H and M which has a maternity section in their Shinsaibashi store, as well as a good selection online (here).

I also kept wearing my maxi skirts, so didn`t have to buy much more until the cooler weather hit! In Autumn, I bought a couple of long sleeved tops and some maternity tights/leggings on sale at H and M, some supportive maternity underwear from Wacoal and Nishimatsuya, and a cute long sleeved sweatshirt on Etsy (here).

I`ve been wearing my long cardigans (coat-igans?) from last season too, which look great with the bump!

Some other places to buy maternity clothes in Osaka (and perhaps in other parts of Japan are listed below), happy shopping!
Here goes...

CHEAP (good for basics)

* Muji - online store and also located in several locations around Osaka - check store finder page here.
* Akachan Hompo - online store and real stores located in Honmachi and other places here.
* Nishimatsuya - stores located in suburban areas around Osaka, and an online store through Rakuten
* GAP - stores located in several locations (city and suburban malls) around Osaka, and an online store here (I haven't seen maternity clothing in-store, but it is definitely available online).
* H and M - the Shinsaibashi store stocks maternity wear, and you can buy it online.
* Sweet Mommmy - although I haven`t used this site, I have seen some recommendations online (and they have an English website!)
* Nissen - very cheap online store
* Belle Maison - also cheap online store
* Angeliebe - online store - also haven`t shopped here, but they specialise in maternity wear apparently.
* NEXT UK have stores in Japan, and also an online shop.

More EXPENSIVE (good for one-off and formal items)

* KandMaternity - this online store sells imported maternity clothing. It is all in Japanese but apparently the I have heard that the owner can speak English if you want to contact her.
* Also, most of the big department stores (Hankyu, Hanshin, Daimaru etc) have some maternity items on the Kids/Baby floor, but I have found most of their selections are VERY limited and really expensive.
* Other stores which ship maternity wear to Japan include ASOS (FREE shipping to Japan!!!), Nordstrom, A Pea in the Pod, lots of shops on Etsy, and more. A quick google search of `maternity wear international shipping` will produce a myriad of options!

Now although I have shopped at some of these stores, and heard of others, I can not guarantee that they will have your size, or that the staff speak English or have things you like. This is just information... so GOOD LUCK!

Also check out the womenswear sections of your local `malls` like Itoyokado and Aeon which often have cheap maternity clothes (not the most stylish maybe, but ok for mixing and matching!)
And if you are brave enough to head online, check out the words マタニティ ウェア (maternity wear) for lots of options in Japanese on Rakuten, Amazon japan and in general.
When navigating a Japanese website, things can sometimes get a bit confusing, but shopping for clothes never needs to be stressful... here are some more words that may come in handy...
レディース - ladies
アクセサリー - accessories
シューズ - shoes
コート/アウターウェア - coat / outer wear
カーディガン/ニットウェア - cardigan / knit wear
トップス - tops
シャツ/ブラウス - shirts / blouses
パンツ - pants (trousers)
デニム - denim
ワンピース - one-piece (dresses)
ベーシックアイテム - basic items
スカート - skirts
ジャンプスーツ - jumpsuits
ジャケット/ベスト - jackets / vests
ランジェリー - lingerie (underwear)
ソックス/タイツ - socks / tights
ナイトウェア - nightwear
スポーツウェア - sports wear
スイムウェア - swim wear
ショートパンツ - short pants (shorts)
マタニティウェア - maternity wear 
プラスサイズ - plus size clothing

Good luck! and happy shopping!
Fran xx

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Oh congrats Kim! Not long to go now! All the best😀

I'm 38 weeks right now with my second and I wish I had known more of these places sooner!! H&M has been my go-to, thankfully my local store has quite a bit of stuff! I'm sure this will be super helpful to all the mamas to be in Japan!