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Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Osaka

Japanese cuisine is best known for its fresh fish and seafood. What most people don’t know, however, is that the rest of the Japanese cuisine is mainly based on meat. For people who don’t eat meat, fish or seafood, it can be hard to find a place to eat. However, Japan is starting to embrace the vegetarian trend we are experiencing in the West. If you find yourself traveling through Osaka, you’re in luck. The city offers many great places to grab a meat-free meal. These are our Top 5:

1. Green Earth

One of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Osaka is Green Earth. The first vegetarian cafe to open in Osaka, it has become a favorite among people who love eating vegetables or need to change their diet to a healthier one. Green Earth serves a variety of Western-style dishes, including pizza, cake and salad. Their salad dressings are homemade from vegetable ingredients. Mock meat dishes, such as meat-free burger patties and hot dogs are available as well.

2. Veggie Ramen Yuniwa

Containing no artificial seasonings, Veggie Ramen Yuniwa proves that you can make tasty ramen with nothing but vegetables, mushrooms, and other vegan ingredients. The carefully selected ingredients create a flavorful, rich taste, making it a hot spot for vegetarians with a craving for ramen. Highlights on the menu include Soy Sauce Veggie Ramen, Lemon Sesame Ramen, Tomato Veggie Ramen, Veggie Oil Soba and more. For less than a thousand yen, you can enjoy a delicious bowl of veggie ramen noodles!

3. Saijiki

Saijiki is a buffet-style restaurant serving a wide selection of organic food. Located in Namba Parks, a trendy shopping mall in the middle of Osaka, the restaurant uses both domestic and international vegetables. Although some meat dishes are on offer as well, Saijiki’s main focus is on vegetarian food, all of which is organic and visibly fresh. If you’re traveling with non-vegetarian friends, this is a great place to visit.

4. Amadeus

Located in Westin Osaka, Amadeus offers not only great food but also a nice ambiance. Boasting a view of the hotel’s lush garden and pond, visitors can enjoy a good meal while also enjoying nature. Although not a strictly vegetarian restaurant, Amadeus has a “Nature Cuisine” selection featuring different vegetarian dining options and organic food.

5. Raw8 Cafe

As its name already suggests, Raw8 Cafe specializes in raw vegetarian food. Prepared using only the freshest ingredients, visitors can pick from a large menu including salads, cakes, pizzas and more. Although the food can be categorized as Western cuisine, Raw8 also incorporates local ingredients into their creations.

If you’re a vegetarian in Tokyo, check out this great trip!

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Since I am a vegetarian, I look up your suggestions. I will let you know as I try these.

Thanks! My mum is vegetarian so I'll be sure to bookmark thus for the next time she visits!

I'd love to see lots more veggie related japanese content! its so helpful to find places where I can eat~