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秋葉原 Akihabara : Tokyo Otaku Heaven!

For me, it's one of the most interesting place in Tokyo - Akihabara is a must visit for any tech enthusiasts or anime/manga enthusiasts. It was really interesting to witness the otaku culture first hand and to experience what is legitimately the center of otaku culture. The whole atmosphere is lively and electric, both in the day and night. The best by far are the many maid cafes which Japan is infamous for, most likely you'll be handed a leaflet by a girl in a maid outfit inviting you have a cutesy meal at their maid café!!

Got this for my brother ^^

Danboard !

Marvell - super hero

No doubt, doll always got my all attention!

This is the Azone Labelshop located in Akihabara, I was really really excited to visit this shop.  Azone dolls and accessories can be bought online, but they come at a very hefty price! In the store the dolls can still be expensive, but not even close to the prices online! I had so much fun in here, I picked out a doll for myself.

super cute!

Alisa / Afternoon peach tea
new released and I got this pink cutie pie in Azone Labelshop Akihabara.

Found a lot of nice and cute camera in the electronic stores.
Definitely worth buying a camera in Japan if you look for a camera for yourself.

Bought these in the convenient store and relaxed in the hotel room at night

To Be Continued..

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