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Create Your First Trip with the Odigo Trip Planner

Welcome to the Odigo Trip Planner! Planning your dream trip to Japan is now easier than ever, with spot and hotel suggestions, auto-optimized routes and a brand new PDF itinerary design. 

Here's how to create your first trip in 6 easy steps: 

1. Add spots to your Wishlist

Note: Each Trip has its own Wishlist, i.e. spots added to the Wishlist of your “Shopping in Shibuya” Trip will not appear in the Wishlist of your “Countdown in Osaka” Trip.
  • Browse through Odigo's destination pages and articles for inspiration
  • Search for spots that interest you using the search bar on the top menu
  • Browse to the spot page
  • Click “Add”
  • Add the spot to an existing Trip's Wishlist, or create new one. The spot is saved in the Wishlist of the selected Trip.

2. Create your Trip itinerary

  • Access the Trip Planner from Planner > My Trips
  • Click the pencil icon on Trip card to edit
  • Click the “Edit" icon on Day 1
  • Items in your Wishlist are displayed in the Wishlist sidebar
  • Add start hotel (option to start from airport coming soon)
  • To add spots from your Wishlist, click the “+” icon next to the spot card
  • Add a return hotel (if start has a hotel)
    • If same hotel as start, click the “+” icon and select “Return to (start hotel name)”
    • If staying at a new hotel, choose “Select new hotel”

To add a spot that is not already on your Wishlist, or a spot that is not yet in the Odigo spots database: 
  • Click “Add Spot”
  • Type in a spot name – you’ll be presented with results from the Odigo spots database and Google
  • Click on a selection – the planner auto-fills the address field for you
  • Give the spot a name by filling in the “Name” field
  • If there are no relevant results, click "Add custom spot name and address" and manually fill in the “Name” and “Address” fields.

3. Hotel, Car Rental and Activity Suggestions

  • Click the icons at the bottom of your Trip’s Day column for recommendations based on your itinerary.
  • Click “Add” to add them to your itinerary. 

4. Optimize route

When you’re done adding spots, it’s time to let the Trip Planner do its magic. Optimizing the day’s itinerary creates the most efficient route between spots, saving you time and effort. 

  • Click triple dot icon > “Optimize route”
  • If you’d like to make changes to the optimized route, click the left side of the spot cards and drag to change their order.

5. Complete your itinerary

  • Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each Day in your Trip. Add days by clicking the "+ Add day" button.
  • Save your Trip itinerary by clicking the “Save and Export” button on the top right menu

  • Back in the Itinerary overview page, confirm your Trip’s hotel, car rental and activity bookings by clicking each one and completing the check out process on their respective websites (e.g. hotels at Booking.com).

6. Print

Now that you’re done, it’s time to create your custom PDF itinerary: 

  • Access your Trip overview page
  • Click “Download”
  • Select “Mobile PDF*” or “Guidebook**”
  • Save the PDF to your computer or smartphone (iBooks on iOS and File Manager on Android)

*Mobile PDFs are customized to fit your smartphone screen so you can access your Trip itinerary during your trip, even when there’s no internet connection available.
**Guidebooks are foldable mini-booklet versions of your Trip itinerary that you can print and carry with you on your trip.

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Hi All,
Any idea about loading pictures? Mine kept failed to upload.

i have trouble generating pdf dorm, please help me!

i have trouble printing both of them as it keep saying unavailable even after i change the setting to allow

Same for me. Please help!

i cannot to turn to the next page by adding Spots. Why?

Hello! i have been playing with the My Trip tool... it's a very novel idea, and i just love it... do have a few questions... when i print it to either PDF or the guidebook, it does not include all the transportation instructions... is there a way to have them there as well? I will rent a Pocket WiFi, but since this will be my 1st time in Japan, i am being extra careful i guess... Thanks!

Love how this has let me finalise out holiday giving very clear maps and locations. An awesome tool to help keep you on track to where you want to go. Just wish I could work out how to change the times and a boat option when available would be good. Thank you:)

How can we adjust times? Under the place picked, there are time options. What is that for? Also, please add bus travel as a transportation option. Thanks!

Disappointed I cant ad an Airbnb location as custom hotel.. It just converts to Custom Spot and would need to be entered every time for every day

new comer to odigo planner
the first thing i start to plan my trip is to add in where i stay, and it failed.
what a bad experience.
not giving an option to add custom hotel make this website basically useless for those who need a planner

can i change the time in odigo planer and can i input custom hotel if i dont stay in hotel, i stay in guest house. thx

Can you tell me how to Add the Bike Icon for vehicle travel option? I noticed it on the title screen.

Can we set the plan as private and later public for to hers to view later?

Are the trips you plan private or can others view them?

Can you also make one big planning with several cities?

This trip planning is very useful and easy to function. Thank you

I love this trip planning service. It is amazing! Thank you so much!