The Best Travelling Seasons in Tokyo

The Best Travelling Seasons in Tokyo

By Odigo Travel | 2017-09-15 | 6.4k views
Tokyo has four distinctive seasons, all of which are suitable for traveling throughout the year. Instead of figuring out the best season to travel, it may be better to choose the season that meets most of your expectations. 

Tokyo embraces the most tourists during the sakura season from late March to early April. On the other hand, July and December are the months for those in search of shopping discounts. You may want to avoid the Japanese “Golden Week” in early May, the rainy season from late June to mid-July, as well as the Obon holiday period in mid-August.

Seeing sakura dancing in spring

The annual sakura season in Tokyo takes place during late March and early April.  Sakura trees in every corner of the city burst into bloom, covering the city in the stunning color of pink. There are numerous famous destinations for sakura appreciation, including Ueno Park, Nakameguro, Shinjuku Gyoen, and Chidorigafuchi. Apart from appreciating the sakura up close, you can also enjoy sakura meals, purchase limited sakura souvenirs, and enjoy viewing sakura in the evening. Your entire itinerary basically will be comprised of following and marveling at the blooming sakura.

Enjoying fireworks in yukata in the summer nights

Summer in Tokyo means the season of fireworks! Japanese people love to light fireworks against the summer nights, and you’re sure to enjoy various scales of firework festivals in Tokyo almost every week starting July. Experience the exclusive summer celebrations wearing yukata and geta. Don’t miss the most romantic views of the colorful fireworks against the dark night skies that only the summer can offer.

Appreciating ginkgo biloba in autumn

If autumn in Kyoto is known for its maple leaves, autumn in Tokyo is known for the golden color of its ginkgo leaves. Red leaves are scarce in Tokyo, since the temperature is not low enough during this season. Tokyo is dressed in its beautiful glowing color from mid-November onwards. Ginkgo Avenue in Meijijingu Gaien is particularly famous. The 300-meter-long avenue boasts of four rows of spectacular ginkgo trees, making it a classic filming location for many Japanese TV shows.

Watching Christmas illuminations in winter

Though Christmas is typically a western celebration, Japanese people are still very fond of celebrating it. Tokyo Station, Roppongi, Nakameguro, Marunouchi, Ginza and other areas are decorated with Christmas lights beginning November. The vast ocean of lights and decorations make both locals and tourists feel like they are looking up at the dreamy, starry night sky. Apart from the illuminations, December and January are also when the biggest sales happen, with discounts of up to 90%. That and the New Year lucky bags in various department stores are sure to meet your appetite for shopping. 
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