The Best Time to Travel to Osaka

The Best Time to Travel to Osaka

By Odigo Travel | 2017-09-15 | 2.7k views
Osaka has four distinctive seasons, all of which are suitable for traveling all throughout the year. Spring and autumn, however, are the peak seasons. 

In spring, you can enjoy the dancing sakura. Locals refer to sakura appreciation as Hanami or “encountering sakura,” a favorite of both locals and tourists. In autumn, Osaka shows a marvelous environment brimming with red maple leaves and yellow gingko leaves.

Seeing sakura dancing in spring

Sakura blooms in succession in different areas of Kansai from late March to mid-April, and Osaka is no exception. There are many wonderful destinations for sakura appreciation in the springtime within the downtown area, such as Nishinomaru Garden in Osaka Castle Park and Sakura Avenue near Osaka Mint. In a trip to Osaka in the spring, you can expect to be captivated with the endless sea of sakura.
Japan Mint Sakura Road --- Photo by Tomoharu Mogami via Flickr

Enjoying fireworks against summer nights in yukata

Osaka in the summer is like a large and jubilant party bustling with summer festivities and fireworks! There is also a great selection of recreational activities to take part in. The Fireworks Festival is a staple summer activity in Japan, and it is truly a feast on the eyes to witness the beautiful display of fireworks against the night sky. You can expect Tenman-gu and Yodogawa Riverside Park to be full of locals and visitors alike at this time of year. 

Appreciating red maple leaves in autumn

The maple leaves turns red as the autumn breeze rustles through. In Osaka, the beauty of red maple leaves can be found almost everywhere. Every year, Kyuanji and Osaka Expo’70 Commemorative Park attract an endless stream of tourists who want to embrace the beauty of nature. Numerous photographers also come from all corners of the world to capture the beauty that this season brings. It is worth mentioning that Minoh National Park not only boasts of the stunning view of the red maple leaves, but also the majestic waterfalls in the mountains.

Watching Christmas lanterns in winter

The first snow at Osaka Castle makes the ancient castle more attractive than it already is. Japanese locals attach great importance to Christmas, displaying beautiful lanterns everywhere to embellish the streets at night. At the beginning of the New Year, Sumiyoshi taisha and Katsuouji are sure to be crowded for hatsumoude. Winter tourists also shouldn’t miss out on the attractive lucky bags found at the New Year Festival!
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