The Best Time to Travel to Okinawa

The Best Time to Travel to Okinawa

By Odigo Travel | 2017-06-28 | 1.1k views
With a subtropical climate, Okinawa is an ideal traveling destination all throughout the year. The local temperature remains at roughly 20℃-—even in the winter! A favorite season to visit, however, is in the summer, which takes place from June to October. Bright and sunny days are often seen during this time of year, making it perfect for all kinds of outdoor and aquatic sports. 

Seeing sakura dancing in spring

Okinawa witnesses the earliest blossom of sakura in Japan. The season of Cerasus campanulata (a sakura variety) transpires in late January to early February. At this time of year, you can view the earliest sakura at Naha Park, Yaedake, Nangusuku Castle, and Nakijinjo-ato.
Nakijinjo-ato|Photo by PROKazuhiro Tsugita via Flickr

Scorching summer days

A random photo of Okinawa in the summer will likely shows picture-perfect blue skies and oceans. The good weather will add a pop of color to your trip, whether you are visiting the main island or the offshore islands. Of course, you should fully prepare yourself for sunburn prevention as the UV radiation in the summer is very strong. Also, know that typhoons are often seen in the summer. Before arranging any outdoor activities such as diving, it is recommended that you check the latest weather forecast.
Okinawa sea view|Photo by temaki via Flickr

Watching whales in winter

The best time for whale watching in Okinawa is from January to April, when the weather is relatively cooler. Okinawa is the only other sea area apart from Alaska where it is possible to see humpback whales. If you are lucky enough, you can see mother and baby whales leaping out of the sea together—complete with fishtailing moves! 
Photo by minoir via Flickr
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