All Aboard The Panda Express!

All Aboard The Panda Express!

By Kurt Low | 2017-06-29 | 316 views
Hellooo there
Everyone’s favorite panda from California finally makes it back to Japan! The American Chinese chain recently made a comeback at Kawasaki city’s Lazona shopping mall after an unsuccessful attempt in 2001, and we hopped on over to get our paws on some of that orange chicken. 

As with anything new in Japan, we expected a long line, but to our surprise it wasn’t that bad at all – it took us 20 minutes to put in our order. Still, it’s hard to believe that people are willing to line up for American “Chinese” food when Kawasaki is practically drowning in good, authentic Chinese restaurants. I guess the lesson here is to never underestimate the power of the Panda. And orange chicken. 
Portions are about 30 percent smaller than in the States
The menu is similar to the one in America, but with a couple of special local dishes thrown in. You get to choose from 3 sizes – Bowl, Plate and Bigger Plate. With each of these meals you pick a side of fried rice and or noodles, plus up to three mains, depending on the size you chose.

Angus beef and orange chicken, yum
We ordered the orange chicken (of course), broccoli beef and the premium Angus beef and mushroom stir fry that cost an extra 200 Yen. The latter was totally worth the premium – it was super tender and delicious. In fact, everything we had was delicious! Kudos to the people at Panda Express for keeping things consistent all the way across the globe. 
Bet you can't eat 10 servings of orange chicken in one go
Next time you’re in Kawasaki and have the pangs for American-style Chinese, why not give this Panda a try? We know we’ll definitely be back for more.
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