Tokyo's Shopping Streets And You

Tokyo's Shopping Streets And You

By Tanya Charron | 2017-06-29 | 724 views
Tokyo is filled with amazing shopping streets where you can find anything you’re looking for. Here are a few streets that are definitely worth a visit!
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Kappabashi Street
Also known as kitchen town, is a shopping street located between Ueno and Asakusa. Kappabashi is the street to visit if you’re into cooking ware. They sell anything from cooking utensils to stoves, pans, ceramics, and a lot more. You’ll even be able to find stores selling plastic and wax food samples, but you won’t find any fresh food in this shopping street.
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Nakamise Shopping Street
If you’re not afraid of a crowd, Nakamise is definitely a must to visit if you want great Japanese souvenirs and try some street food. It is located quite close to Senso-Ji shrine in Asakusa and is lined with both food and souvenir stalls. It has everything from expensive wooden combs to yukata, handkerchiefs, and so much more. You can easily spend the day shopping and eating.
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Located between Okachimachi and Ueno Stations, Ameyoko is known as the sweet shop alley. While you will find candies and sweets, Ameyoko also has a lot of other goods to offer its visitors. There are plenty of vendors selling fresh and dried foods, clothing, fish and many other types of goods. Ameyoko also has some great restaurants worth a look if you’re hungry.
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Shibuya Center-gai
As its name suggests, Shibuya Center-gai is in Udagawachō and is the famous pedestrian street that starts at Shibuya crossing. You’ll find more than your fair share of shopping, cafes, fast food including a large amount of eateries, and plenty of attractions to keep you busy for hours. One of the most famous attractions in Shibuya Center-gai is of course Hachiko, he’s definitely worth a visit if you’re close by.
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Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street
A walking distance from Ueno park, this shopping street has an old-style shopping street feel to it. You’ll find all sorts of things here and some great snacks and finger food found for very cheap. It’s a nice little walk fi you want to get away from the metropolitan feel of Tokyo and want to people watch  in their daily lives.
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Near Iidabashi Station, Kagurazaka is a little treasure cove full of goodies. Not only is it a shopping street, but it is also known for its upscale Japanese restaurants hidden in the side streets. There are even a few surviving geisha houses tuck away. You’ll also find a wide variety of French cafes and restaurants because of the two nearby French schools. 
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Yasukuni-dori Street
Found in Shinjuku, this shopping street gives a whole new meaning to the saying city of lights. It is Tokyo’s most flashy district with its abundance of neon lights and is known for its nightlife. The street is lined with department stores, restaurants, and various entertainment spots. You’ll also find Kabuki-cho, a red-light district, is right off of Yasukuni-dori. 
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Just a stop away from Shibuya, Shimokitazawa has a stylish and young vibe with tons of shopping, theaters, bars, cafes, and live music venues. You’ll definitely find a lot of cool things within this street. There are also a couple of vintage clothes and record shops so you’re sure not to run out of things to look and find.
Of course there are plenty of other shopping streets to be found and discovered in Tokyo! These are just a select few to get you started. 
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    2017-01-21 02:34:29

    Hi, you seem to like Shitamachi area, the traditional shopping and entertainment district. Among above, I've never traveled to Kappabashi street. It's getting popular among tourists rather than the Japanese. What attracts you? We might see Kappabashi area as a mere living space.

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    Tanya Charron
    2017-01-22 02:23:08

    Well Kappabashi is interesting if you love cooking of course! It's been a family tradition for a while. Japanese cooking at it's base is different then say, what I would normally cook. So the utensils and cooking tools are different and interesting to see! I also find Japanese dishes (plats, bowls, ect.) to be very attractive to the eye and that's something else I'm attracted to. My mother has also recently found a fascination with Japanese desserts (she's a pastry chef and we work together) so for us it wouldn't be just a living space but somewhere to explore the hidden treasures of Japanese cooking.

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    Levi Cowan
    2017-03-18 16:35:07

    Hi, I will go to Kappabashi this to check it all out. I love cooking:) Shibuya Golden-Gai is what I want to see too. By the way, What do you study? I study hospitality in San Diego.

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