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1|imageslimLindsey KosakiLV.13 49 2
Over the Songkran Festival (the Thai New Year Holiday) I took the break from school to go visit some of my family in Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan. This prefecture is located about two hours north of Tokyo. The area is known mostly for the Ashikaga Flower Park, which is one of the largest wist...more...
1|imageslimAurelie NixLV.15 166 2
Hi there! My name is Aurelie Nix, you may or may not know me from the online community A Woman on the Internet, in the most likely instance that you are not familiar with AWOTI or me, let me introduce myself. I am a 26 (almost 27m yikes) years old first generation immigrant woman living in Canada...more...
1|imageslimthis is japanLV.88 136 11
Going to be in Japan over the Easter break, and wondering how to celebrate the occasion in a country that doesn't participate in the religious meaning behind the day? Well, never fear - there are still plenty of fun ways to get in the spirit in a unique way. Here are five ways to enjoy all things...more...
1|imageslimYashwanth Kumar RasaniLV.51 43 2
Japan is the home for tens of different types of martial arts, some of them such as the following are very widely known outside of the country, for their powerful techniques: 1. Karate Via lakeforest.ska.org Karate is currently the most popular martial art sport in the world, along with Korean T...more...
1|imageslimYashwanth Kumar RasaniLV.51 2824 1
The world is not always rainbows and sunshine for everyone. There are many people who are suffering from chronic diseases and loneliness especially the elderly. Owning a pet helps one in getting comfort. But pets are difficult to maintain for aged people. So, scientists have been creating pet rob...more...
1|imageslimYashwanth Kumar RasaniLV.51 2592 1
Have you gone bald and looking for other alternatives than wearing a permanent hat? Are you ashamed of wearing a wig that looks unnatural and damages your remaining hair, thus worsening your situation? Although there are many hair treatments available in the market, none of them seem to give inst...more...
1|imageslimYashwanth Kumar RasaniLV.51 368 3
If you are into horse racing, you may want to know what type of horse breed you are betting on. Most of the horses used in equestrian sports are either crossbreeds or non-native horses brought from outside of Japan. However, there are nearly 8 native aka 'kokunaiuma' breeds that can be only found...more...
1|imageslimYashwanth Kumar RasaniLV.51 31 1
Balding is a common problem in industrialized countries, and it it said that Japan tops the list in Asia.  Yes, Japanese men are losing hair more than anyone else in Asia according to a TripAdvisor survey conducted way back in the year 2011. Male baldness is frustrating and many-a-time daunting, ...more...
1|imageslimSumi Ally CLV.58 503 8
Language is important when you travel around the world. In Japan, the most widely spoken language is Japanese. Some of them do not know to speak English in daily life unless you are doing business with foreigners. As a traveler, this is a challenge to use Japanese when you visit to Japan. Of cour...more...
1|imageslimLaura LytywnLV.11 149 8
1. People don't speak as much English as you'd Assume I think one of the biggest mistakes that English speakers make when they're travelling is the assumption that everyone, around the world, will speak some form of English. This is definitely NOT the case. Even in a metropolis like Tokyo, there ...more...