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The world is not always rainbows and sunshine for everyone. There are many people who are suffering from chronic diseases and loneliness especially the elderly. Owning a pet helps one in getting comfort. But pets are difficult to maintain for aged people. So, scientists have been creating pet rob...more...
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Have you gone bald and looking for other alternatives than wearing a permanent hat? Are you ashamed of wearing a wig that looks unnatural and damages your remaining hair, thus worsening your situation? Although there are many hair treatments available in the market, none of them seem to give inst...more...
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If you are into horse racing, you may want to know what type of horse breed you are betting on. Most of the horses used in equestrian sports are either crossbreeds or non-native horses brought from outside of Japan. However, there are nearly 8 native aka 'kokunaiuma' breeds that can be only found...more...
1|imageslimPink Life Channel 萍LV.26 66 6
Sakura (or Cherry Blossom) season is coming near, starting in late March.  This means that sakura-themed items, food and drinks can be found all year round. For this article, I will focus on the limited-edition and seasonal items, most of which are edible. (For some reason, although no one can q...more...
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Balding is a common problem in industrialized countries, and it it said that Japan tops the list in Asia.  Yes, Japanese men are losing hair more than anyone else in Asia according to a TripAdvisor survey conducted way back in the year 2011. Male baldness is frustrating and many-a-time daunting, ...more...
1|imageslimSumi Ally CLV.53 39 5
Language is important when you travel around the world. In Japan, the most widely spoken language is Japanese. Some of them do not know to speak English in daily life unless you are doing business with foreigners. As a traveler, this is a challenge to use Japanese when you visit to Japan. Of cour...more...
1|imageslimLaura LytywnLV.9 67 4
1. People don't speak as much English as you'd Assume I think one of the biggest mistakes that English speakers make when they're travelling is the assumption that everyone, around the world, will speak some form of English. This is definitely NOT the case. Even in a metropolis like Tokyo, there ...more...
1|imageslimSumi Ally CLV.53 56 2
During a trip in Japan, you want to ask directions or get help for getting on a bus, taxi or train especially when you are lost. It is very challenge to ask for directions in Japan if you don’t understand Japanese Language. In addition, not all Japanese people are fluent in English. Today, let’s ...more...
1|imageslimTrueViking WisdomLV.32 12 2
You're Going to Need a Plan Because it's Cold and Snowy up HereWinter time in Hokkaido is a great time to visit.  There are tons of things to do such as skiing, visiting hot spring resorts, and checking out the famous Sapporo Winter Festival for starters.  For those who enjoy the snow and winter ...more...
1|imageslimMolly PLV.21 70 1
When travelling to Japan it would be a good idea to look up some of their common etiquette to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Japan has many etiquette rules that may not be common or apply to western Countries but if you travel to Japan it's a good idea to learn and practise th...more...