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1|imageslimPhil NolanLV.23 9 1
     Amongst the bustling busy streets of Japanese cities there’s art to be found. I’m not referring to the Intricate architecture or sculptures, or even the elaborate lighted signs all over the buildings. I’m talking about the artists creating it live, right in front of you.       Busking is pe...more...
1|imageslimDayna MyrickLV.9 4 1
The summer is filled with innumerable festivals, both big and small, far and wide. The same holds true for even the smallest of towns.Starting in 2003, once a year in the hot and humid months of July or August in the beach-side town of Takahama (Wakasa-Takahama), located in the "Deep South" of Fu...more...
1|imageslimSherilyn SiyLV.60 18 2
Anybody with money and time can travel, but if you are the sort of person who would like to do something meaningful while traveling, then you might be interested in volunteering. People often find that volunteer experiences contribute to personal growth and enlarging perspectives, but when a trav...more...
1|imageslimMaree MayLV.10 5 1
Kurobe Gorge is a natural gorge in the mountains of Toyama prefecture. It's most famous for its Autumn leaves, but is beautiful at any time! However due to heavy snow, it's only open from May through to November. I went in mid October, which was just when the leaves were just starting to change. ...more...
1|imageslimDonna RhaeLV.51 11 1
IntroductionJapan is a land of beauty and mystery making it the perfect country to take your significant other. No matter what part of the year you go to Japan there will always be somewhere to take your significant other that'll blow both of you away.Four SeasonsWith each passing season Japan ha...more...
1|imageslimAsha🍙 MehtaLV.60 15 2
The Jidai Matsuri is one of Kyoto's renowned three great festivals takes place on October 22 annually (please note that the festival will be postponed to the 23rd in the event it rains on the 22nd). The lively festival is celebrated by locals of all ages, adorning authentic traditional costumes r...more...
1|imageslimChristie ALV.50 35 6
Towering snow walls in late spring, grassy plains and wildflowers in summer, stunning autumn foliage, Japan’s tallest waterfall and highest altitude onsen, one of the 3 most important mountains in the country,  unique modes of transport, 1000 year old trees, the list goes on and sounds like a wh...more...
1|imageslimJohanna ForsbergLV.46 42 3
This coming weekend (October 16th and 17th), if you happen to be in Japan and the Kanto area, you have the opportunity to attend a large festival and celebration held at Toshogu shrine in Nikko. The Shuki Taisai Grand Autumn Festival is a smaller version of the Shunki Reitaisai – Grand Spring Fes...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.85 61 5
If you’re headed to Japan - particularly as a solo traveler - you might be wondering how you’re going to meet people to enjoy your trip with. There are plenty of ways to find activities and events that will not only enrich your experience in Japan but potentially make you some lifelong friends. W...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.85 325 4
If you're headed to Tokyo for your Japan trip, it's likely that you will visit Shibuya - it's a great spot for shopping, tasty eats, people watching, and the world's largest pedestrian crossing! If you are in the area, you'll see a particular prominent building on the skyline by the name of Shibu...more...