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1|imageslimJulia LaiLV.41 26 1
Love Sailor Moon and Planets? why not go to Tokyo Dome and get a ticket to go see Sailor Moon and friends inside the Tenq Museum.Running for a limited time only , its quite different to the other Sailor Moon events i went to, in my opinion there wasn't much going on but you know for the love of S...more...
1|imageslimKerstin YamaneLV.44 31 2
Kyoto has to offer many great temples and shrines and also other beautiful places where you can enjoy the old Japan. Two of these places are the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji) and the Silver Pavilion (Ginkakuji). Many visitors to Kyoto often do not have much time. Therefore, they often have to decid...more...
1|imageslimJulia LaiLV.41 16 1
Let it go Let it go ~ Can't hold back ahem... Tokyo Disneyland is doing a Frozen Fantasy event , for a limited time and has metioned that this will be the last year that , they will do this event. So being a fan of Frozen and Disney this is a not to miss opportunity, i was lucky enough to go , al...more...
1|imageslimthis is japanLV.88 23 3
Japan has many reasons that make it a worthy travel spot. Incredible food, historic sights to visit, gorgeous nature, and super fun festivals! There are many different festivals held year-round in Japan, and some of the most unique draw the biggest crowds. One of those unique festivals is held an...more...
1|imageslimLynda HLV.23 43 5
Edo Wonderland, Nikko City, Tochigi There are many reasons why people become interested in Japan. For me, my interest started with vibrant accounts from an Uncle who had visited while I was a very young (and impressionable) girl. That interest was then fanned by watching Japanese TV programs on I...more...
1|imageslimSumi Ally CLV.53 46 4
Japan is one of the well-known countries for viewing Cherry Blossom. Many visitors purposely plan to visit Japan during spring season because of Sakura. Hanami or sakura viewing is usually starts in late March or early April every year. Each region has their own special events or hanami celebrati...more...
1|imageslimTrueViking WisdomLV.32 18 2
If You Love Chocolate, You Need to Visit Shiroi Koibito Chocolate FactoryOne of the first things that many people notice when they get to Hokkaido and begin browsing the gift shops in Chitose airport is the pretty looking Shiroi Koibito gift boxes that are on display.  Seriously, you'll see them ...more...
1|imageslimthis is japanLV.88 182 5
Wondering how to add some unique spots to your trip to Tokyo? You can always expand your trip to the prefectures surrounding it! Kanagawa is one of Tokyo's neighboring prefectures, and has so much to do and see - all within close proximity to the capital! Here are five reasons you might want to a...more...
1|imageslimClaudia MitsuLV.57 168 5
The end of March and the beginning of April is one of the most popular travel seasons for foreigners in Japan. The main reason: Sakura! The beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming all over the country and some places get very crowded. But what can you do, when you travel to Japan earlier and want ...more...
1|imageslimthis is japanLV.88 35 5
Aomori is the northernmost prefecture on Japan's main island of Honshu, but is easily accessible by shinkansen from Tokyo - if you've got a JR rail pass you can take the Hayabusa shinkansen which will have you there in just a touch over three hours. What's there to do in this beautiful part of th...more...