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1|imageslimMiki PLV.56 17 2
 Me, being from Europe, had tasted Soy milk before, but I remembered it as being super disgusting. That’s why I was positively amazed when I tried Japanese Soy Milk for the first time. The taste of the Japanese Soy Milk is so completely different from the Soy milk the Europeans and Americans know...more...
1|imageslimJoanne JLV.9 21 3
The first time I went to Osaka I literally had 24 hours to cram everything in and well, it was impossible. Upon my second trip I had a week to explore and one thing I really wanted to check out was the Gudetama Cafe located in HEP Five shopping mall located just a short walk from Umeda Station.Un...more...
1|imageslimSally McLV.11 29 4
Melon pan from Kagetsudo, Asakusa is not your regular 'konnbini' (convenience store) melon pan. Firstly you may recognise the shear size of this buttery milky goodness to be more similar to a squashed soccer ball than the ordinary 'kashi pan' (sweet bread). To make matters more delectable, the we...more...
1|imageslimNika TresorLV.38 55 2
In Japan, when you think Valentine’s day, you think of chocolate. Girls are usually the ones who offer chocolate to the men in their lives - be it their crush, their boyfriend or husband, or just their male friends and coworkers. Every year, tens of thousands of Japanese women are flocking to dep...more...
1|imageslimElaine KLV.12 60 3
If you have a sweet tooth, Japan is definitely the place to be. From wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) to western sweets or from simple, snack desserts to fancy, luxurious cakes, Japan certainly has some of the best selection of desserts to indulge in. Delicious desserts certainly do not have...more...
1|imageslimClaudia MitsuLV.56 15 3
What would Japan be without its character-themed cafes? To not get bored these cafés are often only time limited and changing nearly every month. One of the main characters for themed cafés is Rilakkuma opening several cafés spread over the year. Right now it is the time for a Korilakkuma Café. L...more...
1|imageslimNami KomorebispiritLV.43 8 1
Japan has a wide variety of foods to offer that make people from all over the world flock to Japan to enjoy these culinary treats.  Sushi, ramen, soba, sashimi, Kobe and Akita beef... all these dishes sound appetizing and will make your mouths water.  But Japan also has certain specialities that ...more...
1|imageslimOdigo TravelLV.67 33 3
Hiruzen YakisobaOkayama Stir-fried noodles, or Yakisoba, aren’t your regular Yakisoba. What makes Hiruzen Yakisoba special, is that it is made with cabbage picked from the Hiruzen-kogen in Okayama, and made with chicken. In addition, they are mixed with a miso-based sweet and spicy sauce, in cont...more...
1|imageslimOdigo TravelLV.67 25 2
Funa-zushi While you’ve probably eaten the traditional form of Sushi, Funa-zushi is unique and distinctive. Funa-zushi is a type of fish that is salted and fermented in steamed rice in order to preserve the fish. Fish, usually carp, are caught at Lake Biwa, and are turned into Funa-zushi every y...more...
1|imageslimNami KomorebispiritLV.43 49 2
Japan is famous for having its own particular food for each of its 47 prefectures.  Some foods are well known and served all across Japan; others are prefecture specific and only available there. This makes visiting each prefecture even more exciting, as you get to enjoy some culinary treats that...more...