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1|imageslimKim BLV.84 8 1
Tokyo is blessed with a plethora of tasty eating options - not just for your main meals, but for incredible desserts too. If you're an ice cream lover and you'll be in the area, a great little spot to check out is Laitier, in the suburb of Sendagaya. The goal at Laitier is to create soft serve i...more...
1|imageslimJ TLV.9 12 1
I have to admit that I have a bit of a totoro obsession.  Not to mention a dessert obsession and a compulsion to buy/eat anything that looks adorable.So, when i came across a photo of these adorable totoro cream puffs from Tokyo, I knew that eating them  was going to be an item on my Japan travel...more...
1|imageslimXin JingLV.20 32 1
I believed the first thing that comes to our minds when someone mentions Kobe would be their high quality and expensive beef. Many would describe Kobe beef as a type of meat that would melt right in your mouth when you eat it; heavenly, while some may think that it is just… meat that is ridiculou...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 31 3
Japan is a bit of a mecca for all things mini. You only have to read this article by Odigoer Shiori to get a bit of a glimpse into some of the cool mini things that you can find here.  If you're a pancake fan (is there anyone who isn't?!) there's a great spot to indulge in your cravings at Bear's...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 35 2
For a cafe or restaurant to thrive in Tokyo these days, a few things need to be true. The food needs to be really good, of course - but an added bonus is if it also manages to look photogenic too. If you can add a cute storefront to the mix, then you're pretty much golden. There's a fun place in ...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 190 4
When it comes to eating, I know plenty of people that are in the “I'll try anything once!” camp, and others who are card carrying members of the extreme fussy eaters club. The latter tend to stick to their comfort zones with food, which can sometimes be tricky in Japan. If you're planning a trip ...more...
1|imageslimMike BosackLV.68 24 3
The Pokemon fever continues in Japan.  Although Pokemon has continued to be popular in Japan since its original release decades ago, it has witnessed a resurgence as a new generation has been brought in with Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sun/Moon, and the recently released Pokemon movie.  Other Odigo artic...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 51 3
When you think of visiting Tokyo, you might have a list of several main foods you want to try - sushi and ramen are often in top place. But what about desserts? Tokyo has you covered there too, with a pretty incredible range of sweets to sink your teeth into. Here are three awesome spots to check...more...
1|imageslimAna AmalinaLV.11 29 1
Taste the fancy gold leaf!Ice cream is everybody's favorite dessert in all seasons, in summer, spring, fall, or even winter! This is the must try food when you visiting Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture. Kanazawa is famous of gold leaf (kinpaku,きんぱく), and  99% of gold leaf in Japan is produced in ...more...
1|imageslimKerstin YamaneLV.42 212 4
Japan is full of theme cafes especially for mascots or anime characters like Hello Kitty, Rilakuma or the Sailor Moon Café. Those cafes exist mostly for a short period and often you can get special goods and of course they have a special menu based on the topic. Some cafes are even so popular, th...more...