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1|imageslimMike BosackLV.69 197 3
Japan has a love affair with mayonnaise.  Don't believe me?  Try to find a single sandwich in the convenience store that doesn't have mayo on it.  And that's just the beginning.  You will see mayonnaise on a wide range of foods, but here are my top five dishes in Japan in which to enjoy mayonnais...more...
1|imageslimLacey GerdesLV.29 140 7
Even though Japan is a relatively small island, each area has something unique about it. Often times it is FOOD--whether it be a special flavor, twist on classic cooking, or something completely different. Aichi prefecture is no exception! They have some delicious specialties that many foreigners...more...
1|imageslimAsha🍙 MehtaLV.60 175 6
The average Japanese person eats around 19.1 Kg of eggs per year, according to the Earth policy institute, placing it in the  top 2 worldwide! The thought of eating raw eggs may make some feel queasy, but that's the way most Japanese people like their eggs. The slippery, tender texture of raw egg...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.85 1525 11
You're staying in Tokyo, you've got some awful jet lag (or just arrived at a really weird hour of the day) and you've found yourself awake at the crack of dawn. With breakfast always being touted as the most important meal of the day, you figured you'd go out and grab some grub. Oddly though, in ...more...
1|imageslimSherilyn SiyLV.60 53 3
One of the healthiest fast food available practically everywhere in Japan is soba (そば). Soba shops can be found at many train stations, sometimes nearby, sometimes inside, and sometimes right on the platform. Pay for your order at a ticket machine and get your order in a  minute or two, but rarel...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.85 223 10
Food that looks good tastes good, right? Well Tokyo has good looking food by the bucketload - and some of the most photogenic has to be the brightly colored rainbow stuff. Here are 5 spots in Tokyo where you can get psychedelically colorful eats and drinks that will delight all of your senses!Rai...more...
1|imageslimYvaine YvonneLV.22 59 2
Hi guys!! ^_^ Okay!! So from the first article I had pointed out some of weird Japanese snacks and drinks that could be found in Japan. So these are a few more of the weird stuff that I had courageously stuffed into my mouth (some of it was on a dare). 1. Meat - flavored ice creamWe normally hear...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.85 75 3
If you're a coffee lover and also a fan of latte art, you might be skeptical to hear that some of the best latte art you're ever going to see is at a car showroom. Specifically, it's at the cafe of the Nissan Crossing Boutique store in Tokyo's Ginza area.Have you ever gone to Starbucks or other c...more...
1|imageslimJohanna ForsbergLV.46 738 6
Japan is famous for its weird snacks and drinks and love of limited editions, every now and then I find new flavors of soda (soft drinks) and the Starbucks limited edition drinks is a chapter of its own. In March the Coca Cola Plus with added fibre was launched, which didn't spark my attention. ...more...
1|imageslimYvaine YvonneLV.22 517 7
The Land of the Rising Sun has always proves itself to produce over-the-top , verging-on-absurd snacks. Over the years, Japan has come out  with wacky and absurd creations. While some have stood the test of times, some faded to be limited edition treasures. It's no wonder that Japan is the mad sc...more...