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1|imageslimJulia LaiLV.42 43 5
Feeling tired after shopping around Nakano Broadway, need a rest , somewhere not as noisy and somewhere to eat or just for a coffee.Head to the 2F to Bar Zingaro Coffee, drinks and art.Its actually owned by a really famous Japanese Artist ( Murakami Takeshi ) if your a fan of his artwork , this p...more...
1|imageslimYashwanth Kumar RasaniLV.51 973 3
Osaka comes second just to Tokyo when it comes to modernisation, facilities, population, tourism, opportunities and what not! Osaka being a long lasting trade center which maintained connections with the West, its cuisine has turned out to be a bit different compared to Edo aka Tokyo. People from...more...
1|imageslimJulia LaiLV.42 59 2
The new Cardcaptor season is showing , and you can see Sakura again , that means Cafe Collaboration time!!.Tower Records in Shibuya is doing a cafe collaboration with the anime, i was really excited but the decorations were so so compared to most collaboration cafes i've been too , but you know i...more...
1|imageslimClaudia MitsuLV.57 158 5
Over the last years McDonald’s Japan was always pretty creative with their serving their French Fries. The offered them with purple sauce, chocolate pumpkin sauce and more. This time they combined the potato sticks with Italian-styled Bolognese Sauce and I gave it a try.  The Kaketemiyo Cheese Bo...more...
1|imageslimYashwanth Kumar RasaniLV.51 3878 2
Japan is not a new home to boozy fairs, as many world class beer and sake events take place now and then. Recently, there was a beer competition namely the International Beer Cup 2017 that took place in the port city of Yokohama at one of the best looking halls in the region, the Osanbashi, durin...more...
1|imageslimYashwanth Kumar RasaniLV.51 4149 1
Frito Lay Japan and Calbee are top snack manufacturers that are well known for their unusual and out-of-the-box flavors, some of them you might not even heard of. For example, Calbee is the proud maker of the KFC Colonel`s Potato Chips which has a unique KFC chicken flavor, the Pizza Chips, the K...more...
1|imageslimJulia LaiLV.42 59 1
Gintama is back!! , not only do we get to watch a new season of Gintama but we also get to enjoy a awesome new Gintama Limited time cafe , at Omotesando Box & Space.The Gintama cafe is themed after the Host Club Arc.The cafe is a reserve only entry , so make sure you reserve seats earlier bef...more...
1|imageslimThe TravellerLV.11 117 3
I remember when I went to Japan a few years ago, my family stumbled upon a unagi restaurant in Ueno, Tokyo.  We simply had a craving for some eel in Japan. Honestly, we were drawn to this restaurant because of their fragrance and the sounds of the eel sizzling on the grill. After all, Japan is fa...more...
1|imageslimSumi Ally CLV.58 29 3
Japan is one of the well-known countries for viewing Cherry Blossom. Foreigners and local people love spring and purposely plan to best spots to catch sakura. To celebrate an amazing season, many companies release limited seasonal sweets and products in Japan. Today, I would like to introduce pin...more...
1|imageslimSumi Ally CLV.58 128 5
Being vegetarian, it is very difficult to find vegan restaurants in Japan. Japan is meat lover paradise. Sushi, tempura, gyoza, salmon, shasimi, ramen restaurants and even street foods you can find it across Japan. All cuisines you will be rewarded with a slice of meat. So, how about for vegetari...more...