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1|imageslimKim BLV.87 252 7
If you've got "enjoying some ramen" as a must-do item on that Japan bucket list, then you're in luck - there are eateries all over the country specializing in different varieties, from shio to shoyu, and miso to tonkotsu broths. Away from those four main styles of ramen though, there's a whole wo...more...
1|imageslimNami KomorebispiritLV.43 47 3
If you have experienced New Year's in Japan, you are most likely familiar with the traditional New Year's dishes, Osechi-ryōri, one of them being kuromame, a dish consisting of black soy beans cooked in sweet syrup. These soybeans are supposed to symbolize hard working spirit and healthy living i...more...
1|imageslimNami KomorebispiritLV.43 27 3
Every region of Japan has its own specialities when it comes to food: seemingly endless amounts of ramen varieties, regionally unique soba dishes, various okonomiyaki style and of course myriads of matcha flavored candies and sweets creations. But did you know that Tohoku has a sweet treat that i...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.87 79 4
If you like a bit of a tipple, then you're in luck if you're headed to Japan - there is an incredible drinking scene in this country. From having a shochu or two while you belt out some karaoke tunes, to enjoying some yakitori and sake at an izakaya, there are a myriad of different ways to enjoy ...more...
1|imageslimChristie LLV.17 290 3
Ninja Cafe Kunoichi just recently opened at Shibuya. Their Concept is Cafe and Dojo. You can undergo a 1 Day Ninja Experience taught by a real Master Ninja. You can also choose to undergo a riceball making class as well. The Master Ninja has been learning Ninja techniques since she was 2 years ol...more...
1|imageslimNami KomorebispiritLV.43 18 1
When you think of Okinawa, you think of endless sandy beaches, crystal clear water, summer, sunshine and island spirit. But did you know that there is a hidden paradise within the paradise? A paradise for coffee lovers? A place where you can smell the divine scent of freshly ground coffee on a wa...more...
1|imageslimNika TresorLV.36 273 5
Ramen is a super versatile dish – you can customize pretty much everything about it. You could have a richer or lighter broth to start with, have it seasoned with salt, miso, or soy sauce, add however much spiciness you prefer, and even choose the firmness of the noodles. However, we’re not here ...more...
1|imageslimClaudia MitsuLV.55 690 5
It sounds too good to be true, but two of the most famous sweets souvenir from Japan met up on a great collaboration. On one hand we have the fluffy yummy cake in banana shape and taste called Tokyo  Banana. On the other hand we have KitKat, the famous chocolate and wafers snack which is well-kno...more...
1|imageslimMike BosackLV.72 106 6
It would seem that food truck culture is really gaining worldwide acceptance.  What started as fast food on wheels has reached gourmet proportions, and this trend has been picking up in Japan. Of course, it would be false to assume that Japan has not always had a food truck culture--they just did...more...
1|imageslimSherilyn SiyLV.62 70 2
For four and a half years, we passed the sign to Chez Noir and ignored it, dismissing it as one of those cute little home cafes in the backwoods, only to find that the joke had been on us.From the outside, Chez Noir's ivy-covered facade looks only ever so slightly different from its neighboring h...more...