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1|imageslimMike BosackLV.68 350 6
For decades, Japan has always had its fair share of quirky gadgets meant to help out consumers in their daily lives.  While always well-intentioned, they ranged from must-haves to "what the heck were they thinking?"  Case in point: the Sony Walkman was a Japanese invention and revolutionized mank...more...
1|imageslimTram BuiLV.20 77 2
Close to Harajuku Station lies the official paradise for JE fans. To the right is where fans go to buy the pictures or goods they want of their idols. Fans first go down some stairs to the right to enter the world of Johnny's. Photos of bands and the Jrs. will be on display throughout the halls. ...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 474 6
I wrote an article recently about a surprising place you can find cosmetics in Japan - the 100 yen store. If you have a bit more spending money to play with, but maybe not quite enough to justify the super high end stuff, a good place to check out is any one of Japan's department or drug stores. ...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 662 4
Japan is a country that is always incredibly on trend when it comes to fashion. Accessories are included in this, and as the seasons change so do people's perceptions of what is in style. Here are some of the accessories that are currently shaping up to be big across the fall and winter months th...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 495 11
Shopping for cosmetics in Japan is super fun - you've got everything from fancy high end stores like MAC and Shu Uemura in Omotesando, through to brands like Kate, Maquillage and Majolica Majorca that you can find in most department and drug stores here. But let's be honest - if we're talking MAC...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 686 3
100 yen stores are a budget traveler's best friend in a lot of cases. They're located all over Japan, they sell just about anything you need to get you through your travels (from snacks to beauty supplies, toiletries and more) and they're also a brilliant spot to pick up inexpensive souvenirs. An...more...
1|imageslimEri LinLV.52 1776 17
While Japanese men’s fashion tends to follow strict patterns, women’s fashion is much more creative, especially in the realms of casual wear and street ware. Here are some of the five most reasonably-priced and fashionable Japanese brands to shop while you’re in Japan.  Earth music & EcologyA...more...
1|imageslimEri LinLV.52 1917 14
Japan is unfairly known as an expensive country to travel in, as in reality, it is quite easy to stick to your budget while there. From fish to souvenirs to cosmetics, here are five things that are surprisingly cheap in Japan.  1. Fish Fish is a food staple in Japan, with one in ten fish caught w...more...
1|imageslimKim BLV.84 732 15
I have a few friends that are very good at sewing - they make their own clothes and clothes for their children, and they're always on the hunt for cute fabrics at great prices. There is a particular spot in Tokyo that they love visiting for this very reason - and if you enjoy projects with fabric...more...
1|imageslimMike BosackLV.68 361 4
When I was growing up, one of my favorite pastimes was reading The Adventures of Tintin.  Those timeless comics offered me the chance to travel the world solving mysteries, stopping crimes, and discovering lost treasures alongside the famous red-haired journalist and his faithful dog, Snowy.  I a...more...