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1|imageslimTram BuiLV.23 183 4
The following information will all be from my research and partly from my experience in Japan.IC CardsOne of the most convenient ways to travel in Japan is using an IC card, pre-paid cards that you can load up and use as a debit card for travelling. They allow you to quickly scan and pass gates t...more...
1|imageslimTourist KittyLV.16 51 1
Booking a hotel has got to be one of my most favourite things to do when planning a trip. I'm not much of a hostel/AirBnB person so I often turn to hotels to provide accommodation. In this review, I'm gonna talk about Namba Oriental Hotel that's located in Osaka where I travelled to on my last va...more...
1|imageslimNami KomorebispiritLV.43 477 3
Miyajima is definitely one of the most popular destinations for tourists who visit the Hiroshima area. With its status as one of Japan's top three scenic views and its rich cultural heritage, it comes as no surprise that hundreds of tourists flock to this island every day.   Most of those tour...more...
1|imageslimNami KomorebispiritLV.43 876 11
Have you ever wandered through Kyoto and marveled at the gorgeous old townhouses? And secretly imagined yourself staying in one and feeling like you're part of Memoirs of a Geisha? Well, I confess, I have! But did you know, you actually can stay in one of these typical Kyo-Machiya (Kyoto Townhous...more...
1|imageslimMolly PLV.21 506 6
The Akihabara Bay Hotel is a female only capsule hotel located near by the Akihabara JR station. It is a fantastic place to stay when travelling to Akihabara on a budget or if you just want to experience a capsule hotel in a safe and lovely environment.The hotel itself it very clearly designed fo...more...
1|imageslimSimon StastnyLV.40 110 2
I’ve launched my journey through Japan in Tokyo where I planned to stay for only one night to repose after a 17-hour long flight (with 2 transfers: in Helsinki and Fukuoka). I researched all possible options that this metropolis offers for low-budget travelers like me, but I kind of knew I wanted...more...
1|imageslimthis is japanLV.88 613 13
When it comes to my favorite way to vacation, I'd have to say that relaxing at a ryokan is up there at the top. Great food, pleasant accommodation, and best of all - onsen facilities! My most-loved ryokan experience in Japan so far was one with a brilliant view of Mount Fuji - it was one of those...more...
1|imageslimthis is japanLV.88 604 19
If you're planning out your Japanese trip then naturally, one of the biggest things to consider is where you're going to stay. You might be researching hotels or AirBnB locations, but one style of accommodation that you may not have considered if you've never been to Japan before are ryokans. Ryo...more...
1|imageslimPhil NolanLV.30 178 6
     When visiting Japan your first thought might be to check hotel prices. My suggestion is to look at Airbnb first. Airbnb is usually cheaper and you enhance your Japan experience by living the way the Japanese do, in a real Japanese apartment. Now you may not have a fancy concierge or indoor ...more...
1|imageslimMiki PLV.57 722 8
Hostels have a reputation of being a very low budget way of travelling without any luxury what so ever. There will always be this one relative complaining about the possibility of bed bugs and smelly and noisy roommates…However, even so these horror stories might or might not have been realities ...more...