Why contribute

Everyone who travels to Japan experiences the country through their own unique perspective – some put on their foodie glasses and slurp their way through the city. Others put on their culture glasses and zoom in on the shrines and museums.

With the Odigo community, you can share your lenses with others, and see Japan through theirs to discover things about Japan you never knew, whether it’s a little backstreet shop in Shinjuku that serves amazing shoyu ramen, or a place in Akihabara that sells ultra rare Ultraman collectibles not found anywhere else.

Together, we can help each other make our visit to Japan the absolute best it can be - wonderful, magical, memorable –whether it’s our first time or fifth. There are many ways to contribute your knowledge to the community and be rewarded:

How to contribute Spots

Spots are places of interest, attractions in an area. That cozy coffee shop you found in Omotesando? That's a spot. Be the first to add that spot if it hasn't been already and get bonus Odigold.

Spot already there? Add a tip, photo or suggest an edit if you notice something that needs correcting. Doing any of these things earns you Odigold and gets you one step closer to helping others plan their perfect trip to Japan.

  • Create a new spot
  • Add a spot tip
  • Add a spot photo
  • Suggest an edit

How to Contribute Articles/Guides

Japan train expert? Write a post to help others navigate the vast network of trains. Made it to the top of Mt. Fuji? Tell other Odigoers about the experience, or write a list of things you wish you knew before embarking on the trek. They’ll appreciate it.

  • Spot guides
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