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[Hokkaido・Kushiro] Akan Lake Marimo Summer Lantern Festival

Marimo a.k.a moss ball is a very special plant seen in Hokkaido, and is designated as a Special Natural Treasure of Japan. The amazing quality of their beautiful velvety surface and the perfect big round shape can only be found here in the whole world! 
This event is a commemoration of Marimo moss balls that Akan Lake is famous for. So the lanterns are round shaped and green to represent Marimo. You can put a piece of paper in the lantern with your wish or prayer written on it! Also you will be putting those on the lake from a cruise ship. Just imagine how mesmerizing the view would be!



•   2017/7/1-8/31 19:50-20:45


•   Akan Lake, Kushiro, Hokkaido


•   90min - from JR Kushiro Station by car
•   70min - from Kushiro Airport by car  

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