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Monbetsu, Hokkaido - Garinko Icebreaker Ship

Image Source: Official Website
How can you miss hopping on the “Garinko Icebreaker Ship” when visiting the winter northern land. Every winter when the drift ice floats across the Sea of Okhotsk, the northernmost sea of Japan, creating a magnificent view. GARINKO Icebreaker Ship weighs 150 tons, with the capacity of 195 people. The facilities on the ship includes central air conditioning and heating system, vending machines and small stores for you to experience an incredible drift ice adventure. 


Event Period

January 10th (Saturday) ~ end of March


Kaiyoukouen 1, Bunbestsushi, Hokkaido


Take the direct city bus from the bus terminal to the Aurora Boarding Place

Official Website 

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Now this would be a neat experience! Having grown up in Australia, snow and ice is still a bit of a novelty to me - I'm always amazed by it, even though I've seen snow quite a number of times now having lived in Japan the last few years!

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