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Okayama Saidaiji Eyo

During Saidaiji Eyo—also dubbed the "Hadaka Matsuri (naked festival)"—countless men in Mawashi (loincloth worn by sumo wrestlers) scramble for a wooden stick called Shingi.
He who wins the Shingi is referred to as the "Fukuotoko (lucky man)" and will receive great health and fortune during that year.

This long-lasting festival has continued for over 500 years, and it is the dream of the local men to be a Fukuotoko—the ultimate honor of the year.
Because of the pride involved, the intensity of approximately 10,000 men scrambling for the Shingi in a heated clash is quite a sight to see.
Image source: ohmatsuri.com

Image source: ohmatsuri.com

Image source: ohmatsuri.com

Foreign visitors are also able to participate (must apply prior to the festival: please check info below), so if you have confidence in your build, aim to become a Fukuotoko!

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