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Taito Ward, Tokyo - Ueno Park Sakura Festival

Ueno Park, the first ever park in Japan, locates at Taito ward, Tokyo. The park covers 540 thousand square meters, and is consisted of the extremely beautiful Shinobazu lotus pond, the main path, Takenodai Fountain; these spots add to the aesthetic scenery of Ueno Park, making it a park full of green.

Being the most famous Hanami spot of Japan, Ueno Park contains 1200 cherry trees, including 600 Yoshino cherry trees, with the cherry trees along the main path exceptionally stunning. Each year between mid-March and early April, Ueno Park holds the Sakura Festival as a means to attract visitor.

Activities such as ‘flea market’ will be held during the Sakura Festival. Not only can you admire the full bloom of the Sakura, but also add some antique goods to your shopping bag. To create a romantic atmosphere, 1000 candle lights will be hung around the park.
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Event Period 

End of March ~ beginning of April


Ueno park, Taito-ku


Take the train to: 
  • Take JR line, Metro Ginza line, or Hibiya line to Ueno station, 2 min walk 
  • Take Toe Oedo line to Ueno Okachimachi station, walk for 5 mins, and take Keisei line to Keisei Ueno statio, 1 min walk 

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Is this festival only until April 10th?

I found articles saying that the festival takes place unti April 8-9th, but I think it just depends on the opening of the cherry blossoms.

Seems to be an anticipating event in Japan, it was a pity that I have been Japan for three times but none of them including the schedule of seeing the blossom, because of I was not free in April/May hahahah. Maybe do it during the Easter holiday in the future.


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